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  1. DUI is expensive but you get what you pay for in this case. I am asuming a whites suit would be 1/2 price the DUI? Depends on where you dive, how deep.
  2. Thanks William for a great review. I fear you are the cause for me spending more money but it looks like it might be worth it.
  3. Scubamari, Lots of great green water shots on your site www.marliwakeling.com.
  4. Mike, You know you miss the heavy drysuit, extra weights and limited vis.
  5. Alex, Thanks for the links , some incredible green water shooting on these sites.
  6. Martys, I hope you are staying at the Hornby Lodge. I usually make the trip in the summer every 2 years for a chance to see six gill sharks. I usually get my fix of sea lions at Race Rocks (www.racerocks.com). Each year they seem bigger and more intimidating. Have fun !
  7. Jackconnick, Lots of great pics and you blog is very informative. I book marked it and will be back for more tips.
  8. Dave Hicks, Wow lots of great shooting. I see you were quite active during 2005 through the northwest. All you galleries were first rate.
  9. Never fear Jam things improve over time. I also started with a Point & Shoot and found it really hard to take pictures of fish because of the shutter lag. I would suggest next time focus on stationary subjects which will give you time for composition and you can try different strobe angles to minimize back scatter. I would also suggest picking one subject and take lots of pictures of it to further minimize other variables. Something I am working on is trying to not take pictures from above looking down as it limits light and flattens the subject. Advise other kindly pointed out here. I like you am a begginner and look for constructive advise to improve. Happy shooting.
  10. I think it would be safe to say I have seen alot of the tips and photos from warm waters and alot of them by fantastic photographers since starting to follow this site. Living off the coast of BC Canada I often shoot under different conditions and it is rarer to see cold water galleries on this site. From time to time I do see posts from people who brave colder waters and lower vis and was hopeful they would post some public gallery urls and perhaps offer some cold water tips or advise. I will post a site with some of my photos but I still concider myself a beginner still working through the basics and am not posting my site to impress. I guess I am still taking identification pictures and have not progressed to more artistic work. http://www.pbase.com/caper/other_uw Some were taken with a P&S with a single 50W strobe. The newer ones are with a 10D and 2 125W strobes. All are cold water shots. All were taken around Vancouver Island. I look forward to some other galleries from other parts.
  11. I have advised the person to check with Subal as I do not know what they have. They are new to UW Photography and everything is new.
  12. I am diving with someone who just bought a Subal 20D housing + a dome port. Will they need diopters for lens using this hosuing and dome?
  13. Excellent macro work. Close enough that at first I thought I had misread the location as I did not identify the marine life as being BC native. Of course I am still working on my first coffee.
  14. I recently bought a housing and a DS50 strobe for my old Sony 707. I have had it out about 5 times now and am starting to improve somewhat. The water conditions here are a little challeging with temps between 48 - 52 F and mixed visiblity. For the most part I have limited my shooting to closeups and tried angular lighting to try and avoid flash scatter. The following is a link of my efforts to date. http://www.shutterfreaks.com/gallery/Underwater Feel free to offer any advise.
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