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  1. I just bought the Pelican 1510 with "pick n Pluck foam" from the site below: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...earch&Q=&ci=194 They were quick with delivery and seemed to be well priced. The case is great, and is supposed to be the maximum size you can take on an airplane as hand luggage, which was important for me. I have the Ikelite housing for the Oly C-8080, DS-125 strobe and Arm. Everything will fit but not much room for anything else.
  2. Nice shots. I too have invested in the same setup, but have yet to use it underwater - storm came in on my last trip so no diving. As a first time user how did you find it? what set up did you use? and any tips for a first time user like myself? I was surprised at how big and heavy the setup was, so i'd like to hear how it went. Thanks Tony
  3. I went for the Oly-C8080 (hopefully arriving today), Ikelite housing and DS 125 strobe. I'd heard the DS 50 wasn't powerful enough. When i was buying the housing the wide angled dome port was already available, but i thought i'd try it out as is and order the port later. I'm planning a short break in Bermuda in early October so i'll let you know how i get on.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Especially the link to seller ratings website, there's no way i'm going to buy from these guys - scary.
  5. I was shoppping around for the Olympus C-8080 WZ. The camera is $999 at Best Buy, but $499 at Royalcamera.com. What's wrong? am i missing something? Smells to good to be true, has anyone bought cameras from them? good / bad experiences? They don'e show the acronym "WZ" on the website, could it be an older version of the camera? Thanks Tony
  6. Thanks for the advice. I have a couple more questions if you have the time. Can you recommend a strobe to go with the ikelite (and approximate cost)? Approximate cost of the WA Dome port? - is this essentially a wide angled lens or do i have buy the lens separate but the port facilitates the connection? Is the wide angled c-8080 wide enough on its own? Finally, i've heard a lot of good comments around the C-5060 WZ any opinion on this camera vs the 8080 WZ? My thinking was that i could spend a coupl of hundred extra bucks and get a near top of the camera and be done. Sorry for all the questions, it's a pretty daunting exercise. checked out your website and it looks good. Cheers Tony
  7. Hi, I'm new to underwater and digital photography and was considring taking the plunge for the Olympus C-8080 and corresponding PT housing. Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about either? and if good could you recommend a strobe? Also i'm heading to the Galapagos at xmas, would you recommend a wide andled lens with this setup for taking pictures of big stuff (assuming i see some big stuff)? There's so much choice i'm a bit lost, but i like this camera and the housing looks nice and compact. If you don't like this setup then any suggestions would be most welcome. Cheers Tony
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