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  1. Hey Davide, I love it, I'm shooting ProRes Raw to the Atomos Ninja monitor/recorder. I have the Nauticam WACP and Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. Very well balanced now with the trip weight system, I can let it go and it sits perfectly level. Nauticam also make a skids/trim weight system, but I just decided to 3d print my own system. -Brian
  2. Hey Davide, Yeah, I 3D printed some plastic mounts for trim weights, so I'm not screwing them into the housing repeatedly. I have 4 mount positions around the base of the housing so I can move the weights to where I want them. They are low on the housing to keep center of gravity low, and stable. The weights are 200g and 50g stainless steel counterweights for a topside camera gimbal. Wetpixel will only allow images up to 1MB, so I put the images in a Google Drive folder. Let me know if the link works: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TxhKJGIVor5SbJ9CL_pPBAEjS6EsVjpq?usp=sharing Cheers, Brian
  3. Black corals, ripping current and strangely geometric geomorphology. Drift dive along the 40-50m ledge system on Thursday with Jason Crowder. Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii. Music: "Beyond" by Ian Post via Artlist. ZCAM E2-S6 with Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens, in a Nauticam housing with the WACP. Monitored and recorded with an Atomos Ninja V, also in a Nauticam housing.
  4. Thanks guys. Yes, correct about the white balance. I've been fortunate to make 10 dives in this sub over the years, so I was trying to recreate my experience as closely as possible. I also had no plan to put this together, but had the footage, and had to put something together for the end of the semester -Brian
  5. This is the final cut of my semester project for film class at the Academy for Creative Media Windward. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown I was reliant on b-roll that I filmed during an expedition to Cocos Island, Costa Rica in early March of 2020. This is not a "creature feature", more an experiential film to guide the viewer on a virtual dive in the Deep See submersible. Filmed aboard the Undersea Hunter Group’s M/V Argo, on location at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Best viewed in 4k, with good speakers or headphones... -Brian
  6. Old but works great...Gates Housing and Canon XA10 1080p HD camera. Personally pressure tested to 500ft. (150m). Port replaced July 2019, i.e. no scratches. $750. Pics here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ih1ZC6vXS_ihuvV5xQxb_-AWyxy4Mw4p?usp=sharing -Brian
  7. For Sale: Canon XA-10 with Gates Housing. Personally pressure tested down to 150m. Great set up. Located in Kona, HI but can ship anywhere. -Brian
  8. I'll post a pic soon. Initially planning to shoulder mount them to my rebreather for deep dives. -Brian
  9. I just received 2 of the Mini-Wasps. Needed lights that would perform well below 100m, so these seem perfect. Haven't tried them underwater yet, but they are very bright and even. -Brian
  10. Agreed, seems too good to be true: Light Source: 6x Slim type LED package Luminous Flux (Lumen): 4050 lm Beam angle: 120x130º Colour temperature: 5000º Kelvin Colour rendering index (CRI): 95 Burn time (100-45%): 120min (100%) / 330min (60%) These guys must really be on to something, or.... I'm a biologist not an engineer, just looking for the brightest light for the buck. Does anyone have any hands on experience with this company? Kommol, Brian
  11. Does anyone have experience with the LED video lights from Aditech? They claim some serious lumen output, ~3000-4000lm with 120º beam. A lot of my diving is a bit deeper, so these are looking like a good option. -Brian
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