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  1. AHH, I wish I could have waited on the V3 very sweet but I do like the sizr of the V1. I enjoued the pictures of the v1 underwater. Next time I think I will have an DSLR with a proper strobe. the unit focused well. proper light from the sun helped imensly. I had a medical issue as I was unable to dive on the trip that I didnt know about till i got there in Jamaica. So I was only able to Snorkel. I will Be Back and try it again. Cheers.
  2. I have purchased a Sony V1 and a EWA Marine Housing for it. I will be doing only shallow diving in the range of above 30ft. I was looking through the posts and have been unable ot find any thing on the V1. Does anyone have any experience with diving or snorkling with this Camera? i dont have an external Flash but a do have a 10 or 20 watt regular video light from the Camcorder that might fit in the DS-C case. Is it ok to use Auto or should i do more manual settings? I will be going to Jamaica in a week. Thanks guys. Jon
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