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  1. Olympus OMD EM 1 Body Olympus HLD 7 2 Batteries 1 Charger Nauticam NA EM 1, Only Housing. Nauticam Vakuum Valve and leak detection system Spare Screws Tools All in good condition, slight signs of usage Price 1600 Euro plus Shipping Location is Switzerland
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/273948869393071/permalink/1210157259105556/?sale_post_id=1210157259105556
  3. The Housing is in good condition and had about 150-180 Dives . It comes with spare screws ,Handels, Tool for Vacuum Valve. Batterie for the Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System. Price of the Housing New : 1890.- Vacuun Valve New : 280.- Price is without Shipping. Location of the Housing is Switzerland Price 1250 Euro Price is Without Shipping
  4. Nauticam should simply make a Adaptor for the Olympus PPO-EP02 Glass Dome if its Possible
  5. I had the chance today to try the 180mm Nauticam dome port with the N85 to N120 55mm adaptor (A137988). The Inon protector II port (170mm) was vignetting at the corner, so i ended up in buying the Nauticam combo. the good thing about the 7-14mm if you do 50 : 50 shots the picture is sharp above and underwater file:///Volumes/NO%20NAME/DCIM/100OLYMP/P7110042.JPG
  6. hi jack , I do have the inon protector II dome port Is it possible to use that one for the 7-14mm 2.8 with extension rings...?? Regards We tried it in the Nauticam E-M1 housing and it will require that you add the camera body first into the housing, then the lens as with the 12-40mm. But it will need a much wider port body to fit the lens and a zoom gear. My guess is the the Nauticam N85 (MIL) to N120 (DSLR) 40mm ext adapter with zoom control, plus about a 50-60mm N120 extension and Nauticam 180mm N120 (DSLR) dome (or larger) should work fine. But Nauticam has not released a guide yet as they are still testing these new lenses.
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