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  1. I have been designing dome diffusers for strobes since 2005. I originally made them to help with hot spots because I was shooting with four of them. What always confused me was why for the longest time no one was making dome diffusers with quality material. Even today, manufacturers put out expensive strobes only to furnish it with an inexpensive piece of plastic in front of the flash tube. The dome, when used with studio quality plastic will give much greater control of your lighting, and allow the user to paint with the edge of the strobe more effectively, and at the same time eliminate hot spots. It will also give you more even lighting. If you use multiple stones , like me, then you can control foreground lighting better, and create volume in your shots by using techniques, like cross lighting, up lighting and drop lighting. It is also important to understand that domes also reduce lighting distance slightly.. so, if for example, you have a wide angle subject that is further away, say a beautiful coral head in the background, taking one diffuser off your most powerful strobe (usually called your key light) will allow you to light up the distant target while allowing the other strobes to fill the midsection and/or foreground to give you balanced.lighting, and a more pleasing image. Just a few thoughts..
  2. Aquatica Housing A5D Mk III and Canon 5D MK III are sold together. Housing comes with additional housing "O" ring, and handle tool. Camera comes with original box, ten 32gig SD cards, and card reader. $5,200, plus shipping.
  3. Images for the Housing and Megadome.
  4. There are no current images for the housing. I'm having the unit serviced to make sure everything is in perfect working order. Also, please reply back to me in a private email at clark@aquaterraimagery.com. Thank you.
  5. I have a complete underwater system for Canon 7D with Nauticam Housing. System and price include the following. New Sale Price NAUTICAM NA-7D 3,200 2,500 ZEN 9" FISHEY DOME PORT W/ COVER 1,899 1,300 ZEN DP-100 100MM FISHEY DOME PORT FOR TOKINA 10-17 999 600 NAUTICAM MACRO PORT NG-60 W/M67 360 250 NAUTICAM EXTENSION RING 60 W/LOCK 320 250 NAUTICAM SC 816-Z ZOOM GEAR FOR SIGMA 8-16 175 100 NAUTICAM TN1017-Z ZOOM GEAR FOR CANON TOKINA 10-17 155 100 WET 4X DIOPTER W/ ARM CLAMP HOLDER 220 150 NAUTICAM FIBER OPTIC CABLES (2) 200 125 CANON 7D BODY W/BATTERY, CHARGER, MANUAL, STRAP 1,200 700 TOKINA 10-17 3.5-4.5 DX ZOOM WIDE ANGLE LENS FOR CANON 669 400 SIGMA 8-16 4.5-5.6 HSM 649 400 Total 10,046 6,875 The system and camera are in excellent condition. Sale price includes purchase of entire system.
  6. I have a Nexus dome port that works beautifully with the Nikon 16mm f2.8 wide angle lens. $450. Excellent condition.
  7. I have two Sea & Sea YS-90 Duo Strobes for sale - $250 ea. Also have 2 Sea and Sea dual strobe connectors, five pin. $100 each
  8. I'm not sure I want to send the camera system to Egypt. For one I don't know how much it would cost, and two the insurance would be expensive, and if it gets lost I'm out of my money for quite sometime before I get it back. Finally, the price is for the unit is more than fair. You need to have some better options than "lower my price and ship it to Egypt". Clark
  9. For Sale: Nikon D2X with Nexus housing. Includes 10.5mm Nikor wide angle lens with glass dome port; 60mm Nikor macro lens, with manual focus gear and standard port; Everything in excellent working order. Camera comes with backup battery, charger and manual. - $3,400.
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