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  1. Just posted two Inon Z240s plus dome diffusers etc. for sale.
  2. Inon Z-240 Series 4 Strobes (two) in very good condition. Only about a year old. Replaced by new strobes. Package includes 3 dome diffusers by Aqua Terra Images, one pair of Inon 4900 diffusers (never used), one pair of Inon 4600 diffusers (never used), one pair of spare O-rings, one pair of red focus light filters, and two owner manuals. No cables are included. Asking $875.00 for the entire package. Photo available upon request.
  3. Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 60 with lock "Like-New" condition. Used less than 5 dives. Sells new for $320.00 Asking $220.00 plus shipping.
  4. Used Nauticam N120 6 inch Acrylic Dome Port with shade and neoprene cover in very good condition. No scratches on acrylic and only minor signs of wear and tear on the shade. Used seldom in the past and no need for the future. No extension rings included. Sells new for $600.00. Asking $395.00 plus shipping. Photos available upon request.
  5. Interested in Zen Dome Port. Where are you located? Send me an email note at rsa1@theapples.com Interested in Zen Dome Port. Where are you located? Send me an email note at rsa1@theapples.com
  6. Nauticam 5DMKIII Housing For Sale. Recently overhauled by Reef Photo in April 2016. Includes sync cable bulkheads and harness for hot shot connection. Includes camera tray. Includes Backscatter vacuum system. No ports, focus rings, lanyards, or strobe arm mounts are included. Photographs will be provided to serious interests upon request. In excellent working condition and still being used. Example photographs can be seen at www.ApplecorpsPhotography.com Upgrading to Canon 5D Mark IV once this housing is sold. $1950.00 Please send questions or initial contact to: applecorps@theapples.com
  7. Can offer $130.00 for the pair - offer good til Saturday (leaving soon for island trip)
  8. Like-New Nauticam 90X200mm Carbon Fiber Float Arms. Used only twice . . too bouyant for my use. Sell new for $120 each - $240.00 per pair. Offered as a pair for $195.00 plus shipping costs. (See stock photo attached) Serious interests only please: applecorps@theapples.com
  9. Sea & Sea Focus Gear for Canon EF-S 60mm F2.8 USM $125.00 applecorps@theapples.com
  10. Sea & Sea Zoom Gear for Sigma 10-20MM for 4-5.6 EX DC/HSM... $125.00 applecorps@theapples.com
  11. I have Nauticam housings for a Canon T2i and now Canon 5DMKIII and both perform exceptional well. The service rep is very professional and repairs (when necessary) are easy and prompt. I find the controls nicely placed with precision tolerances. I have nothing against Aquatica - simply prefer what I believe to be a superior product with superior customer support.
  12. Please send your email address to: applecorps@theapples.com so that I can send a private message and an offer.
  13. Sent an email to you . . please respond ASAP. Thanks.
  14. I am interested only in the housing with ball mounts & stabilizers. Would pay $1,600.00 for this used housing assuming it is in good working condition - I would pay for it to be examined by Reef Photo.
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