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  1. I am looking for 2 of the newer ULCS clamps. Just need 2. Pm if u r willing to sell.
  2. Selling a ULCS AC-TCS Triple Clamp. Used on one trip and now i have new strobes so i no longer need it. Saves from buying 2 clamps. For $25 ill send it anywhere mainland US. Let me know.
  3. Big Blue Lights VL2x30 watts "The Bigblue VL2x30 is the video light system you have been waiting for! It delivers a stunning 2,000 lumens light output through a set of ultra compact single chip 30W LED video light heads (1,000 lumens each). The 85 degree wide beam angle and even light beam provide the perfect beam for all videography - no hot-spots or periphery rings." This is an amazing set of lights for an underwater videographer. Here is a link to their site so u can read some more about them. Big Blue Lights VL2x30W And here are some pictures of the lights. I am selling my set of video lights because i am changing over to underwater still. This is basically new. They have been in the Pool 2 times and once in the ocean. Asking $1,100 OBO. Free Ship to US. You will not be disappointed.
  4. http://kv-cameras.com Found some lens that seemed like a really good price but was not sure of the site.
  5. Looking for one or two lightly used.
  6. Equinox Underwater Housing HD-6 for Sony Handycam HDR-HC9 Retail $950 +tax&ship Asking $600 +ship ~16lbs http://www.equinoxhousings.com/products/HD...eo-Housing.html 2.5” Monitor Back for easy viewing Retail $420 +tax&ship Asking $350 +ship (must purchase Monitor Back with housing) http://www.equinoxhousings.com/products/2....-Male-Plug.html Housing 6 O-rings O-ring Grease Releasable ballast Spare Parts Kit Monitor Sunshade Backplate 1/8” mini plug to Rca Charger Battery Saltwater Underwater Filter Retail $150 +tax&ship Asking $125 +ship http://www.equinoxhousings.com/products/Ex...lor-Filter.html Sony HDR-HC9 MiniDV Camcorder Retail $1,100 +tax&ship Asking $700 +ship ~5lbs Comes with everything it came with brand New Camera Charger Lens hood Cables Software + 3 new sealed Sony miniDV HD tapes ($25 for a pack of 3) (reusable) + Wide angle lens Bower 0.45x http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/5379...Definition.html Big Blue lights VL-2x30W Dual LED Video Light Retail $1,450 +ship&tax Asking $1,200 +ship ~12lbs Comes with: 2 x lights with attached cord 2x battery packs Charger 2 x ULCS 8” arms 4 x ULCS clamps 2 x ULCS ball attachments 2 x plates for attach to UW Housing system Box that they came in http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/7114..._LED_Video.html Total Retail Cost of $4,070 = ~ $4,500 w/ tax If you spent a lot of time shopping and put together a package you could probably get it to your door for around $3500. If you buy it as a package (all parts) it’s yours for $2500 + ship from 93401. ~That’s 45% off retail price for a basically new UW video System. It has been in a pool twice for me to learn how to use it and ONLY in the ocean once for a 45min dive. Never flooded and rinsed well after each use. I would love to keep it but my wife just got me a underwater housing for my still camera so we need to pay for that. The camcorder was purchased to extract video from miniDV tapes from our wedding Videographer. Has never been used other than in this UW housing. I also have lots more pictures if there is anything you want to see. PM with an e-mail and/or offer.
  7. I am looking to purchase a Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro. Please let me know if you are looking to sell one. I live in the central coast of California. Thanks, ~K
  8. I really like my Diving Concept suit, it is far from your location but so far its been a great suit. I have used it alot for underwater work on docks and a handful of pleasure dives. Very durable and fits great. http://www.divingconcepts.com/ultraflex.htm They call it the ultraflex, but its not really flexable... it fits well and is really Durable, have rubbed against metal and rocks working and have had no issues leaking. They have a few other models but i do know know anything about the other ones. Great suit, good cost. -K
  9. That's really cool. Great job really working with what you got and DIY. The pictures turned out great too. Would like to see more for sure. -K
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