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  1. Hey Guys, i'm looking to buy a Nauticam double flip holder M67 (NA-25108) - please drop me a message if you have one for sale. I might consider to get a single flip holder M67 later if there is no double available. Location Europe prefered to avoid import-taxes... Thanks :-)
  2. Michael T. is still in for 20 m :-)
  3. Thanks Tim and Bill, for me it's not a problem. I will stay tuned and participate in a later group buy. My photography season ends next week after my last trip to Gozo this year and i still have some ready-to-shoot cables so it's not a hurry. Michael
  4. Yes, of course. Shipping to Germany would be best from NL i think
  5. And me, Tim. i will go up to 20 m to Germany.
  6. So we should all order it to Miami then? Does anybody know how long the shipping inside the US takes? As it seems we don't buy a whole spool i would go with 16 m (for Germany) then. The cables i made now are made of 1.2 m and i could have used some more in length for one cable. Cheers, Michael
  7. Hi makar0n, i just took out the kitchen scale and 13 m (that's what i have left) are about 60 grams. The weight isn't really a problem then ;-) Even 500 m without spool are "just" 2.3 (+ a little) kg then, 200 m less than a kilo.
  8. not sure Tim. I just got a sample of 10 m (19 Core) and it just went through customs without anything. One day it was in my post box... But that was just 10 m, not sure what happens if it is an amount of 200-300 m...
  9. hello makar0n, i'm in Germany and once the parcel is in EU i think the shipping to others in the EU is not that expensive. the size of 10-20m fibre packed is really small: i would say you can make it about 15 cm in diameter , height then 1-2 cm and weight less than half a kilo (i have another brand here packed as a 10 m roll). If you have a 3D-Printer it's like having 10 m of the 1.75 mil cable off the large spool. It's a bit more in diameter, but very similar.
  10. even though i got some cable, i would also join the group buy. So count me in for 50 m or 25 m, both is fine.
  11. i have three Seacam clamps for sale. Just bought them (used) a few weeks ago here on wetpixel and give them away the same price i bought them: 30 euro each. The clamps work good, can ship on buyers expense. located in germany
  12. Hello, i'm looking to buy a set of Seacam Arms and clamps. If you have any for sale please drop me a message. I'm located in Germany btw. Cheers, Michael
  13. For sale is a Nauticam flash trigger for Nikon, excellent condition, i don't use it anymore. Asking 140 Euro incl. shipping in Europe will ship worldwide if buyer covers diffence in shippingcosts Pictures on request
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