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  1. if you want to split the system a bit - I'm looking to buy a 50 mm and 30 mm Extension...
  2. After having a look at the (Nauticam) housings for the Z7 and the D850 with no difference in weight and almost same size it will be a DSLR again. Thanks for all you kind help. The camera body might be a little bit lighter than the DSLR is but with the ftz Adaptor and using F-Mount lenses there is also not too much difference any more. The handling of the camera: also +1 for the DSLR. I couldn't have a look at the images, I still don't know much about the quality of the Z6/7 compared to a D800/D810/D850. Maybe the next or the generation after that will get it's chance. I can't wait for a successor (and I don't want to go with 60 MP with what the rumors say) and also a Z8 is too much. I think with the D850 I will get a partner for a couple of years.
  3. My D800 died (and thanks good I have an insurance) - but I need to buy a new one soon, can't wait until the D860 or Z6/Z/ mkII(?) comes out. With my diving being most of the time in the Netherlands (so greenwater-diving) and with 70% Macro (with 60 and 105) I really don't like to read about a hunting AF. Next week I have an appointment in a shop to have a look at some housing options and the dealer has both cameras in house. Deep in my heart I stick to the DSLR, but as Alex and Adam mentioned - I also fear there will be no choice in future. And that's why I'm already having a look at them and where my question about the real difference of the two cameras came from. Reading about all the things you like and don't like may help with my decision once I had both cameras in my hand... Cheers, Michael
  4. Thanks so much for your input! I heard the rumors of Nikon having the successor of the D850 in the making but I can't wait 'til next year :-( . My old Nikon died and I need to go on now. With all the F-mount lenses which can be used on both cameras doesn't make the decision easier. Until I read Adams post I was sure to get a mirrorless... now even more unsecure. But thanks all of you for your words! Cheers, Michael
  5. Hi, I searched the topic but couldn't find something like it. I'm wondering which of the two cameras to buy if you are a photographer with no intentions about videos? I watched a lot videos on YouTube about shooting the Z7 under water - but no-one seems to shoot the Z6? Why is that? is the Z6 so much worse than the Z7? Do I really need the 47 MP? Is the Z7 that much better in low light? Who tried both and can tell me about it? or direct me to other sources I didn't find. What do the experts say: how long will the digital viewfinder work? I owned my D800 for 8 years now and want my next to last as long as the D800. But I'm a bit concerned about the viewfinder in the Nikon Z´s. TIA, Michael
  6. Macro Port sold Saga +15 available, asking 155 € Reefnet adaptor for free with purchase of the Saga
  7. ...and is willing to share the *.stl or other CAD-file (IGES, STEP)? I want to test print one but found only files for 4/3 housings and they seem to be too small. Looking for a file for DSLR. TIA Michael
  8. Looking to buy a Nauticam 120 Extension Ring 30 with lock, SKU 21130. Please message me if you have one for sale. Cheers, Michael
  9. Priceupdate due to the crack: 380 € OBO
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