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  1. :-) great, thanks. sometimes the good things are so near by...
  2. Hi, i'm searching a Nikonos 5-Pin cable which is straight - without the helix. Does anyone know a source for those? 2 m would be great. Cheers, Michael
  3. Nauticam 20 mm Extension for the 120 mm system btw-
  4. I'm looking to buy a Nauticam 20 mm Extension with lock. If you want to sell one, please message me. Michael
  5. For sale is a 40 mm Extension Ring for Sea&Sea Housings, 120 mm. With another bayonet ring it will also fit on a Nauticam housing. Can send images on request. 210 Euro incl. shipping inside Europe mainland.
  6. same here - a Nikon F90 in a Seacam housing with some ports Message me if you are interested
  7. Hello Arnaud, yes, the Saga +15 and the Subsee +10 are still available. The Reefnet Adapter is special for the Nauticam ports (for the 105 and the 60). It's free if s.o. takes the lenses.
  8. they come with two diffusors in their box Never flooded or any other issue with them
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