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    Nikon D800
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    Sea&Sea MDX-D800, Athena 170 Dome, Tokina 10-17
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    2x Inon Z240 Type 4
  1. Hi, i just bought a RX-100 Mk IV as "pocket cam" for my diving. Now i need a housing for it, any offers? Nauticam preferred... If you have something - message me. Also shipping from Europe would be great (taxes...). Cheers, Michael
  2. Thanks Brant, but that's the wrong one - the one in the link is for Nauticam housing and Sea&Sea Ports - i need it the other way.
  3. Hi, i need another Adapter for Nauticam Port to Sea&Sea housing, just the grey plastic ring with the bunch of tiny screws... If someone has sth like that - please drop me a message... Location Europe is preferred... Michael
  4. Hello, i'm looking for a Zoomgear for the Nikon 16-35/f4 lens and a 40mm Extensionring. If anyone one wants to sell them please send me a message. I'm based in Germany and open for every offer :-) Thanks, Michael
  5. back after a couple of dives... it seems, that i can't get sharp edges with the lens and the "small" 170mm-Port on the D800. I tried: Tokina +20mm Extension + Athena Tokina +40mm Extension+ Athena Tokina +Kenko 1.4 +20mm Extension+Athena Tokina + Kenko 1.4 + 40mm Extension+ Athena all settings corners too soft... worst at 10mm, slightly better at 17mm. Can't fix it, stepping down to f11/13 doesn't make much difference. I think i need a new Port... Any suggestions? It's a Sea&Sea MDX-D800 housing. I'm looking at a S&S FE 240mm Port and the Nauticam 8.5" Dome at the present. Will the Nauticam be adaptable for the S&S-housing? Which one would you buy? (and no: ZEN is out of range...) Thx, Michael
  6. interceptor21 - i don't know the brand any more, think 10bar or H2O. Bought them a couple of years ago. the clamps bend up after a few months as the arms didn't stay in place and i had to tighten them pretty much. I replaced one with a newer version which was way better, but there are still 5 "old" clamps left... Now it's time to get rid of them and buy a decent set... thanks for you replies, i will go for ULCS now.
  7. Hi, i need to buy a new set of arms and clamps as my old set doesn't really work anymore. It was always a bit too loose, sometimes the clamps didn't arrest the arms in the position i wanted them. Think i wanted to save money with the wrong parts... (as the old set was one of the cheaper ones). Learned my lesson and now i need/want an arms/clamp combination that really work, where i don't have to tighten the clamps with full force until the arms stay in place... Which brand can you recommend? Thx, Michael
  8. Hi, looking to buy a big Domeport for Wideangle. Housing is the Sea&Sea MDX-D800. any offers - pls PM. would/could tradeoff with an Athena 170mm Glas-Dome if anyone interested... Cheers, Michael
  9. Hi, i'm off to Guadaloupe in March '14 - but i couldn't find much about what to find and what to photograph/must dive/must see underwater. Advice anybody? I use Nikon FX - i want to keep my lens bag as small as possible: question is: should i bring the 60mm or the 105 and/or the +5? Thanks guys, Cheers Michael
  10. Hi, i want to buy an Inon 45 deg Viewfinder, prefer with Sea&Sea mount offers PM pls. Thx, Michael
  11. Hi, want to sell: Athena OPD V170 DomePort, it's a Glass Port, no Acryl! asking 490€ Tokina 10-17, sunshade removed, Nikon Mount, will also work on Fullframe (at about 13-14mm without limits) 400€ if Tokina is sold (or together with the lens): S&S Zoom-Gear for Tokina 10-17 (and Canon 16-35): 80€ Adapter S&S-Ports to Hugyfot-Housings, 30€ will ship worldwide at your cost. Shipping in Germay for free, Europe about 17€ Cheers, Michael
  12. take the over/under at the beginning of the dive... i tried Rainaway as well as spitting on the dome.
  13. i removed the domeshade earlier today to make the dome fit to the MDX-D800. Now, with the the cam and the Tokina mounted, the lens is jut about 2-3cm from the dome - hope it works underwater. With attached 20mm Extension the front is about 5cm from the dome glass. Full on FX at about 14mm as you said Ryan. Can't wait to get wet with it...
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