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  1. Arnon Ayal, I just wanted to let you know that I added best time to visit fields, as you requested. As for the folks that were having Mac rendering problems, I got a hold of a G4 and found problems on both Safari and Firefox. I made some modifications so it now appears to work for both of the browsers on that OS. Internet Explorer on the Mac is not supported by Google Maps so there’s not much I can do about that one.
  2. Interesting, thanks for posting the screenshot. I will try to get a hold of a Mac to fix this issue.
  3. Thank you both for replying. I can see that a number of sites have already been added. The best time to go to the site is a great idea. I’ll definitely look into adding it. I have so many other ideas of things to add, but I figured it was best to just launch it and see what folks thought. As for the Firefox problem on the Mac, would you mind telling me what version of the browser you are using? I use Firefox 1.5 as my main browser on my Windwos system, and it looks fine, but I’ll definitely try to correct any mac problems. Do you by any chance have Safari and if so, does it look okay there?
  4. A couple months ago I decided to build a website for divers to be able to share their favorite underwater sites. I knew I wanted to build it on top of Google Maps (since it makes use of satellite imagery) and I wanted it to be a wiki (so anyone could start contributing content right away). I got a bit carried away, and ended up adding features like the ability to link to image/video galleries or dive operators and rate each dive site. It also has a search mechanism so you can do things like ask it to show you all the dive sites that have the keyword shark, are in a particular country and can be accessed from the shore; or just show me all the ice dives with good wide angle photography. This is a wonderful community here at WetPixel and I very much had you folks in mind when I was building it. So I’d encourage everyone to check it out, add you favorites sites, and existing entries with any missing info. ScubaMap.Net http://www.scubamap.net ilusion
  5. I enjoyed diving there. The Blue Hole was spectacular and the Lighthouse Reef in particular was a high point. If you like nurse sharks any of the dives of Ambergris Caye in the Hol Chan Marine preserve will show you plenty of those. For me personally it was definitely better than most of my local diving here in Southern California but not quite as awesome as places like Moorea or Cayman.
  6. My wife and I took the advice of some of the folks here on WetPixel and dove with Amigos del Mar on a recent trip to Belize. They were very knowledge and helpful and I’m glad we chose them. We had a great time diving before we headed on down to Ecuador for the last part of our vacation. If anyone is interested they can see some of the shots I took on our trip here: http://www.silicongenesis.net/be_ec_fav/ Chris
  7. My wife and I went to Moorea and Tahiti last December. We dove with TopDIVE. Great outfit, certainly know what they're doing, and we had a blast on the shark dives. You can see some pics here: http://www.silicongenesis.net/moorea/ Chris
  8. The big ones are lemon sharks and the smaller ones are blacktips.
  9. I appreciate the nice comments. This board has been a great help in getting up to speed for shooting underwater. Still have a lot to learn though and in particular with strobe placement. I remember coming across a nice Flash movie that someone referenced here that showed different strobe positions but I can’t seem to find it anymore. Anyone know where I might find this?
  10. Thank you. Went ahead and added a few more images since I don't have to worry about overwhelming folks with download times off a single page. Was in Moorea for six days and Tahiti for three. I stayed in Motel Albert in Moorea. About the chepaest place I could find on the island, but nevertheless quite nice and with a kithcen so my wife and I could coook most of our meals. Also, Motel Albert is in Cooks bay and TopDive would pick us up for the day's dives.
  11. Seem to be having problems uploading the images. Here is a URL where they can be viewed: http://www.silicongenesis.net/moorea
  12. Just got back from a wonderful trip to Tahiti and Moorea. If anyone is interested in diving with sharks, I would highly recommend the TopDive outfit in Moorea. This was my first time down with the Digital Rebel in the Ikelite eTTL housing and a DS-125. Previously, I had shot with the little Canon S400, but the shutter lag was driving me crazy. Except for the strobe diffuser which I managed to lose on the first dive, the equipment performed very well. I’m glad I decided to go down the DSLR route with Ikelite; shooting was a blast.
  13. You know, I feel so much more comfortable buying this gear with the knowledge that the company that makes it is not just a nameless entity mass producing the goods. So Ike, thank you for taking the time to answer these posts. It really shows that you and your company really get the whole customer service thing. Of course, if in the future anyone asks me for reccomendations on this type of gear I'll definitely be steering them in your direction.
  14. I went ahead and purchased the DS-125 package yesterday after reading the first reply to my message. Also called Ryan at the store that was recommended but the message on the answering machine said nobody would be in until next week. I'll see about getting the case from Ryan. Ike, you said that I need to look for a strobe with a serial number above 5000. Obviously, you have no way of knowing for certain, but do you think it is likely that the strobe I ordered yesterday off the B & H site falls into that category? If worse comes to worse and they send me an old one and won't let me return it can I get the strobe upgraded to work with eTTL? I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was possible to upgrade those strobes (I assume when you were talking about the new circuit boards it was in reference to the Rebel housing). I'm very excited because I'm taking a trip to Moorea in mid December with my wife and I hope that I can have the whole kit assembled by then (Ideally with a few practice dives to learn in between).
  15. I've finally saved up enough cash to purchase an Ikelite setup for my Canon Digital Rebel. I'd love to get the case with eTTL support right now, but I can't seem to find anyone that has it yet. In the meantime, I figured I'd go ahead and get the DS-125 package. On the Ikelite page it mentions something about getting a DS-125 with a serial number over 2500. Am I safe getting this setup from B&H? Is this the right one for eTTL support? Any help before I accidentally blow $800 would be mightily appreciated. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...c#goto_itemInfo Thank in advance, Chris
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