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  1. I have just ordered my first housing from them, and the service from Rusty was so far very good. The card of credit was allowed, now I just have to pay for it And hope it arrives
  2. That's exactly what I was looking for much appreciated. So if the housing has two bulkhead an you can get one set up as fibre optic and the other a sync cord, could you still run two strobes of one sync cord bulk head? Or would you have to run one fibre optic and the other sync? Looks like I'm leaning towards the sync cord though. In that case is it possible to run four strobes of the two bulkheads without using the remote flash on the strobes? Thanks again
  3. Hello, I've recently started shopping for a housing for my new Nikon D300s, and have been happily hounding as many people as I can find willing for some more information on what to get. Thanks to Jean from Aquatica for all the answers so far. So I have settled on an Aquatica housing, with 9.25" port. My only confusion is around the strobes and how they connect to the housing. If anyone knows on a good online resource please tell me. I don't want to order the housing to find that I've made a mistake and can't later get the strobes I want. So the options seem to be either a fibre optic or Nikonos manual connection? - what the heck does that mean? - which is better? - why two different ones? I'll be trying to light up caves with these, and sometimes deep ones so need a deeper depth rating and as little extra weight to lug around, so Inon seems like the way to go, but any suggestions here would also be great. Thanks in advance for any information offered!
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