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  1. Hi, I recently bought a Mac Book Pro so I can edit my photo's on the move, before this I was using CS5 on a windows desk top. I am in the BVI at present, and we have major storms and dark conditions, and I have noticed on the last 2 days when downloading my photo's that my NEF images look darker than my jpegs when reviewing. I'm using a D90 and a Nikon 10.5 fish eye, set at F9.5 and 1/60 to 1/90th. Yesterday I just this down to the algae bloom and dark skies, and pushed the images by 2 stops in CS5. It wasn't until today, when after diving the HMS Rhone in clear visability conditions, albeit with dark sies again, that I have noticed that after download the images look dark. On camera they look good, and when reviewing the Jpegs (I shoot raw +jpeg.norm) that I notice the jpegs look about a stop and half lighter. I'm wondering if this is a mac issue with the way it renders nef files in camera raw. I'm new to mac's, and wondered if anyone else had come across this ? From the histograms it's clear conditions are dark, but on these very standard settings I am sure the images should not need pushing 2.5 stops in CS5. Any input appreciated.
  2. I really feel for you in losing your kit, as insurance might pay for replacements, but it doesn't get close to compensate for a dive trip ruined by having no kit. I have travelled through San Juan on AA for the last 3 years on my way to BVI, and been fortunate not lose any diving gear, but I havent checked any camera gear. However, I changed to an SLR and housing this year, and use a peli case with a think tank inside. I am now very concerned by your experience, as I travel to BVI this summer, and I carry not only my underwater gear, but also my land gear, and hand carrying both will be difficult. I wonder it is worth investing in the new GPS tracked luggage tags, they are baout £ 130 each, anyone got any experience with these ???
  3. I use the aquatica housing which was purchased from Cameras Underwater in the UK, and I have to say I am very happy with the build quality and controls lay out. I do not have experience with the Nauticam housing, but have handled them and know people who use them. I think there are some important issues to take into consideration : - Dont under estimate the importance of the local dealer, and their ability to service the housing if there is a problem - Viewfinders are important, and Aquatica's are first class - If you are happy with setting your flashes manually, the optical cable is a red herring. My own preference after similar debate was the Aquatica, and I am very happy with the decision.
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