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  1. I just borrowed 1 then 2 S-2000's for use with an LX-10 for a trip. I was impressed with the system compared to my YS-90's and HW adapter (no great surprise). I shot entirely in TTL mode on the strobes, and cut the camera flash the max (-3?), as learning the new camera was enough of a challenge and I was happy with the results in general. The magnets were in, but based on the REEF write up (thanks for that link!) it doesn't effect TTL mode. Looking forward to trying some of the manual operation, but the TTL operation was pretty cool.
  2. One last try! Need one soon!
  3. Wanted: Inon S-2000 Strobe. At least good condition, as complete (w/diffuser) as possible. Also will need F-O cable and YS or Ball mount.
  4. Thanks for posting. Nice video, and that looks like some fun diving. Can you comment more on your experience with the UWL-H100? How much of that video used it? I have the same combo, but have never used a wet WA (or an LX10...).
  5. While it doesn't seem like a very popular option- I think it looks like a good combination of features and size. Now I just need to find "a deal"!
  6. Thanks for the great info and opinions. I would be considered "old" to u/w photo (and most things!) vs. new- in that I've been shooting with my old E-PL1/YS-90's combo for a long time. Before that, various p&s back to film. I rented a G7X on my last trip for a couple days and that got me looking back at the p&s cameras as it was impressive. I like everything from macro to w/a, but tend to choose macro, and have a SubSee +10. Video (that- I am new to) is important, and I will be buying a couple video lights with this round. And yes, the total price of the LX10 kit is nice!
  7. Interesting. I'm starting fresh, as my last camera and lens took a dunk- sans housing. I've been trying to decide between the LX10 (or LX100?) and another M4/3- like a used GX7, or GX85. I like the idea of the smaller/smallish housings for these. The GH5 is too expensive, and the housing is notably larger (I think). 'curious about the "downgrade" comment, other than a larger sensor, why would you prefer the LX100?
  8. Almost 3 months... 'anyone have u/w experience or comments yet?
  9. Is your gear still available? Any pictures? Thanks
  10. Good info here, thanks. 'any updates? I'm interested to learn what Nauticam can/does offer, and how it works (TTL?) with your strobe.
  11. Nerd alert... I was (hope to be again) looking at similar choices. From the Nauticam manuals; Model Width mm Depth mm Height mm Mass kg NA-GH3 205 115 154 1.41 NA-GX7 193 99 128 1.08 NA-EM5 185 105 152 1.1 PT-EP01 179 166 156 1.1
  12. I bought this on ebay as-is for what looks like a good price of $75, but opted for a different solution. I'd rather not go back to ebay with it. Brand new, except that the previous owner "plucked" some of the pick-and-pluck foam cubes- then put them back... I have the original paperwork, but tossed the box. I'll send pictures if anyone's interested. $75 total. Shipped in the Cont-US. Other destinations are fine, but you'll need to also pay the difference between $15 and the actual shipping cost. Color is Black. Info at Pelican Thanks for looking.
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