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  1. Anyone using this setup? How are your results. Hugh
  2. Great photos, brings back great memories, I did several trips to Eastern Fields on Golden Dawn in 92/93 when I was living in Port Moresby. One of my favorite spots. Regards Hugh
  3. I hate 3D, went to see Sanctum and Tron in 3D and found it distracting. While not great movies, have watched the again in 2D and enjoyed them more. I love movies, but wont go to anything in 3D. Hugh
  4. For us Novices, can you pick one picture and explain in more detail why you think its under exposed. Hugh
  5. No, full manual focus is available with the brilliant mangentic ring system. Hugh
  6. How do you find the net book with 2gb ram, is it functional to view your photos. I have Sony Nex 5 and shoot video as well, wondering how it goes playing HD videos? Im looking for a travel unit also. Wont be doing much editing mostly having a look as progress and usual stuff like surfing net, facebook etc Hugh
  7. With regard to more RAM, need to ascertain whether the NLE software can use the extra ram otherwise wasting money. Hugh
  8. I would suggest to lock the focus and shoot away to start with. Video shouldnt skip, is it skipping in viewfinder on playback or on your PC? Hugh
  9. Ive recently bought a Sony Nex 5 based system in a Aquapazza housing. It has same size chip as the 7D, the housing is half the size, doesnt have the mirror issues of the DSLRS and lot less cost for ports. Video is autofocus with the 16mm lens and flat port but with the large chip, it rarely hunts even in caves. Ive only started using youtube, but have couple of clips here which shows how well it maintains focus. Filmed a freediver from wreck at 25m to almost the surface. http://www.youtube.com/user/hughmoore2 Im very happy with it plus its very small to travel with. Footage is fabulous compared to my old TRV950 which has served me well for many years. Pictures of Camera and housing are here. http://www.seaoptics.com/specials/specialshdslr.html In South Australian Caves where the water is 16 degress C, no issues with chip heating, however on recent trip to Subic Bay where the water was 30 degress c , continuous shooting became a problem, the camera would advise me to take a break for a minute or two at the most. Given the results so far, Im can live with that being only a hobbyist. Regards Hugh
  10. HDSDI is not something I personally deal with being a hobbyist, but given it records to Cards that can be popped into your computer reader, what is the adavantage of HDSDI in the camera? Thanks Hugh
  11. I have the Nex 5 in a Aquapazza Housing, have only used it with the flat port and 16mm lens so far. It is quite wide with the flat port and fine for the caves and video so far, look forward to trying the extra INON options that are available. Surprised at how well it holds focus, here is a link to one of my first youtube uploads. First Video with Nex 5
  12. Hi Don, thanks for the link, I lived in Port Moresby from 91 to 93 and dived out of bootless bay most weekends. Your article and photos brought back lots of memories. Regards Hugh
  13. In 1992, while at Norman Reef near Cairns (I think thats what its called) one of these local Wrasse, decided that my orange gloves were food and attacked my hand, at one point he swallowed my whole hand up past my wrist, scared the crap out of me. Hugh
  14. Broken foot is nothing, I broke my leg in four places two years ago when my BMW 1150 kicked me off. Hope it your foot heals soon, mine is all good now and am back in the caves, which has got me interested in video again. Generally, how long does the battery last? Reading your report, seems like only last one dive? Thanks for the info.
  15. Hi Simon, Ive started underwater vidoe again and Im looking to upgrade my Sony Tr 950 3ccd to DSLR, from what I have read, the 7D looks like the way to go, especially with the Tokina 10-17 lens. I cant see a better value alternative, but interested in your comments as to why you wouldnt use the 7D underwater? Thanks Hugh
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