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  1. This is very interesting because I have never seen this behavior in a wrasse. The behavior is called 'mobbing' and was first described in birds in cases where small maneuverable birds mob a potential predator (e.g. a hawk or cat) to draw attention to its presence and/or harass it. Its fairly well known that damselfishes do this to scorpionfishes, groupers, eels or other predators.
  2. Its a male Japanese Pygmy Pipehorse Acentronura gracillisima.
  3. I would recommend Erhardt & Knop 2005 Corals Indo-Pacific Field Guide (IKAN) for species-level identification of soft corals, gorgonians and anemones as well as hard corals. Although there may be some taxonomic differences between it and Veron's tome on hard corals and the coverage is nowhere as complete, it covers more species of the other groups than any other book with good uw photos. Its also small enough to be taken on a trip.
  4. Hi. The pattern of spots and shading on the face are indicative of the Delicate Blenny Glyptoparus delicatulus. Don't let the colors per-se mislead you. My take is that it is a nuptual male with enhanced colors and the bowtie may be a signal to show off to females or even other males.
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