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  1. Not impressed. It's still a 20MP sensor. Better focus is nice, but not enough to warrant an upgrade from the EM1 II.
  2. Also try a hooded vest. I used to use one when I dove wet and it kept the water from going down my back. THEN my suit shrank! Imagine that!
  3. Backscatter also sells their own Fiber optic cable with 613 multi cores.
  4. Looks like it had a small leak. You can send in the housing for a rebuild. +replacing any bad electronics It looks a lot like my housing after a small leak.
  5. Great trip report. I was there in 2003 and am happy to hear about their conservation efforts.
  6. I went with the Backscatter fiber cables. I was told they had the same number of fiber cores as the Nauticam ones. I used them on 2x dives and they worked fine with my new TTL controller.
  7. I just got a un technics converter today. Installation was easy. I did a few test shots and they look good. Odd, they recommend for the Em1 ii to set the flash compensation to +0.5, but I swear the camera goes from 0.3 to 0.7 Still it is cool to be able to + or - the light from the camera (I need to play with assigning a button for it. I won't be able to play with the system in the water until my channel islands trip in August.
  8. What do you guys recommend to coat the screws with? I was happy to upgrade to the EM1ii to I could get the top brackets. I always cringed when the boat crew would lower my rig down as they always clipped into 1 side.
  9. Em5 to EM1ii.... -Faster focus. -Better housing design, mine was a 1st gen Nauticam with non of those cross bars. -Hopes of better low light performance. Really, I wish I had gone all the way up to a D500, but on a recent trip to Fiji....I was thankful to have a light system. So maybe a D500 in a year or so.
  10. I would take test shots of the bait...Trying to keep a low ISO as possible....200 to 400. I think I had to use 800 in the am. White balance correction in Lightroom works wonders (I did not have it on the trip). At depth, you have the sharks cruzing by slowly, sometimes close. With no strobes, you can correct in light-room. There would be 6 of them making circles under the boat. Maybe you could get strobes on them if they came in close enough...
  11. Lots of good info I above wish I had when I went. Yes, strobes while nice when they came in close, but for me the sharks were not coming close frequently. Note that you have 2x different meterings areas, depending on the time of day and how the sharks are approaching....from below and from the side near the surface. In the am, it's a bit dark and I would have to bump up the ISO a bit. But later with more light at the surface, I could lower the ISO. In the PM, it varied depending on which side of the boat. The point is don't forget to change the ISO as the light/ positions change. For me, I used the Olympus 12-40 pro...as the sharks kept their distance. Only a few times they came RIGHT in close and I blinked..and that was it. Maybe it was an off week. Be careful in the cage, it you get bounced around and the bars in our cage were not padded. The camera Dome and cage bar..not a good thing. I found that post production white balance correction was a huge help. Enjoy.
  12. I upgraded this year from the EM5 to the EM1 II....it's well worth the upgrade. Focus is faster. Plus the newer Nauticam housings with the integrated handles is a nice change to the older EM5 handles that always flexed.
  13. I am set to go on the Slomar in October. Thanks for confirming on the lenes choice. I already have the 12-40 Pro and plan to bring both. Yes a drone would be cool, but the budget is already maxed out.
  14. Lens recommendations for an EM5? I had heard 7-14 was a good choice.
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