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  1. Subal CD5 MK 1 for sale. Housing only. Minor wear nothing major. Selling due to upgrade to MK3 Never flooded. £1000 ONO East Sussex. UK Will upload pics on request.
  2. Would you consider selling the strobe separately and if so how much please.?. thanks DEE
  3. WTB GS180 viewfinder + 2 flashguns and stands for poolside mounted lighting. 20-25 m long 5 pin sync cord for subal housing to flahguns.
  4. i am looking for the gs 180. Do you still have it. How much pls.
  5. I am looking for a gs180 will you sell seperately.
  6. Hi, i am looking for a viewfinder. would you sell separately. Regards DEE
  7. scubadees

    Subal CD5

    do you have a gs 180 viewfinder. how much if so. DEE
  8. Hi Iain. Did u sell your gear. I am only looking for a viewfinder as i bought a subal second hand......dont know if u remember.. would you sell seperately. If so how much?. Regards DEE
  9. WTB Subal gs180 viewfinder (or simular) for subal C5. also large pelicase maybe 1650 mail dee at dmt1979@hotmail.com
  10. Thanks so much for your help. I have been in contact with steve considerably with the purchase of all my gear. tried to get alot of it 2nd hand though to try to keep cost a little lower. I do actually have a diopter but yes was a major ordeal to get it. i did see the one backscatter had but embarked on a venture to find one here first. i did eventually find one from cameras underwater for £45. it is however a +3 . i figured it was pretty cheap in the scale of things to give it a go. the lady assured me a +3 or +2 would not be significantly different. guess we will see if i ever get this beast in the water if not than yes i would absolutely be interested. My subal c5 housing on its way from america so cant check the attachment to that yet. ARGH Im off to see Martin Edge next week so he can run thru setting up the gear with me. I just wanted to make sure i had it all sized and ready to go. Thanks once again
  11. Thats excellent thanks. i have a funny feling that from what you have just written that i may have a pre 2003 fe2 dome. Not actually sure as i got it used from ebay. cant see any way of checking. No description on the dome itself. the lens doesnt actually come above the line of the hole, is that right
  12. Ok so i have bought a subal fe2 dome with a subal 75c1 extension ring. I have the canon 16-35 mm mark 2 lens. I have never set up a subal housing before and am unsure if it is fitting right. i know the mark 2 lens has a 82 mm end compared to the mk 1 77 mm end. Should the lens come all the way thru into the dome or just rest in the opening. Also the extensiopn ring is increadably hard to twist on. in fact i cant twist it all the way untill the subal signs allign. Advice pls anyone.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cheers DEE
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