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  1. Anybody got an old one or two of these lying around? Will pay shipping + any reasonable amount requested. Thanks for looking! SOS
  2. Apologies if this topic has been discussed previously - I thought it was worthy of bringing up in light of the recent Dive Photo Guide article on the "Selkie Connection Series". I am disappointed with DPG's recent promotion of an exhibition depicting models swimming with captive dolphins. Dolphins do not belong in captivity. They are very intelligent, highly social animals that belong in their natural environments. Numerous scientific studies have shown that keeping these animals in captivity has severe consequences for their physical and mental health. The capture and trade of wild dolphins for aquaria is a disgusting and cruel industry that tragically is growing. Romanticised and anthropocentric photography exhibitions such as these, which may claim to promote 'connectedness' between humans and cetaceans (or other captive wildlife), are ultimately fuelling this aquarium trade. I wonder if there is adequate awareness of such issues among our uw-photo community? Cheers, SOS
  3. Re: settings - I agree with Elbuzo and Eyu. I'd suggest using shutter priority (somewhere ard 1/200th or a bit more or less, depending on available lighting) and then dial down your exposure compensation to tame the potential blowout/overexposure from white parts on the whales' bodies (belly, pec fins, etc). Each camera & lens combination will be a little different. I think I had mine set ard -2.7 with a D90 & Tokina 10-17. YMMV.
  4. Having swum with and photographed humpbacks in Tonga, I can highly recommend the 10-17mm fisheye lens! I was with another photographer who had a 12-24mm Nikon rectilinear lens, and IMO it wasn't wide enough when the whales got close. I would think the 10-24 Nikon or 10-20mm Canon would have produced similar results to his. These shots of mine were with the 10-17 fisheye set at ard 15mm: http://underwater.com.au/image.php/id/10447/ http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/phot...week-10/#/18224 http://www.divephotoguide.com/user/Mattsea...tt-s-gallery-1/ Hope you have a great trip! Cheers, SOS
  5. I'm in agreement with the 'grain of salt' appraisal. I do however enjoy checking up on his website regularly and reading his reviews of new gear. SOS
  6. Hi, I'm about to head off soon for a few weeks swimming with dwarf minke whales in the GBR and was wondering if any WetPixel folks might be doing the same? Would be nice to hear who else is out there shooting these friendly whales... Can't wait! SOS
  7. Just received my copy of the Nature's Best magazine featuring the winning shots from Ocean Views 2011 - after quite a long wait. Some stunning shots in there - congrats to all WP members featured in it. Hope to see the gallery on their website soon. Cheers, SOS
  8. Hiya, A search on this topic in the forum didn't provide me with a conclusive answer, so I was wondering if anyone who's owned & used z220 strobes could recommend a reliable type of AA NIMH rechargeable battery for this strobe. I have read of issues surrounding some high capacity types that overheat in the z240s - is this problem common to the older z220? Many thanks for any advice! SOS
  9. Hi there & apologies for my noobish question, I've just acquired some 2nd hand Inon z220 strobes for my Patima d90 setup and was wondering which brand of sync cord was compatible with this combination. Many thanks for any advice! Cheers, SOS
  10. Very grateful for this advice, having just bought some rainex to take on my next dive trip with a brand new housing & acrylic dome port... Good timing. Great forum!
  11. Some of the points above conflict with advice I've been given previously (e.g. loading camera in aircon, storing camera in a bucket of seawater ). I've always used silica gel packets in my compact camera housing and I reckon they help. I don't think they solve the problem completely, but they do absorb moisture from the air. Cheers, SOS
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