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  1. Thanks Tatts/ Simon This has now been settled I'm still stunned by this whole situation and how Caters non-payment has happened to so many people Simon - I hear what you're saying and I do agree Caters did get me coverage in three publications with my story, the total was over twice as much $$ as the Mail Online offered when I approached them direct Tatts - I do have another story ready to go, which Caters wants, am I sending it to them .... like hell I am! SWNS did not get back to me I sent the proposal to Barcroft last night, they have previously told me that they offer 50%, Caters was 60% [don't know how accurate the base number is tho] Media Drum upped his offer from 50% to 60%. He said no to an article/ images/ video a few weeks ago. Then a few days later a similar story appeared [mine was better] I don't know National News Thanks for your comments guys, take care
  2. It seems that Mike is not the only one who has had delayed payments from Caters News Agency My personal experience with them amounts to a substantial amount of money dating back to February 2014 My emails are either ignored or replied with excuses I'm sure some people are receiving money in a timely fashion because they "have so many payments to process, mine is slipping through" as I was told a few weeks ago But, scrolling around the web it seems that my story is not the first of this kind and very likely will not be the last If you're new and are choosing a News Agency, there are many out there other than Caters, although I don't have any experience of these Thanks
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