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  1. Hi, I'd like to buy a focus gear to suit an aquatica port and Canon 50mm compact macro. The Aquatica part number is 18705 Phil C
  2. Looking to buy a 15mm FE lens for use with 5DMK 2. The Sigma is a little cheaper, how does it compare to the Canon? Opinions? Phil
  3. Anyone out there tried to put a 5D in Aquatica 5D MKII housing? Clearly there will be some loss of functionality, but does anyone know if it will fit and can the shutter be actuated? Cheers Phil
  4. Hi, Interested in housing plus camera. Email nofinsphil@gmail.com Thanks Phil
  5. I'm looking to move up from a point and shoot to a DSLR, I have some experience (and friends) with Canon's so would prefer Canons. Primary use wide angle/fisheye lens, not (yet) interested in macro. Looking for Housing + Dome Port or Housing plus Dome Port+ Body + Lens(s) I freedive so am looking for something without strobes and a good light sensitivity so ideally 450/500/550D, 40/50D, 7D, 5D. Note I am in NZ, however if international shipping is not your thing I have friends in US/Singapore/Hong Kong/UK who could onship. Drop me an email on nofinsphil(at)gmail.com or PM. Thanks Phil
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