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  1. I'd like for Nauticam to make its Nikonos adapter available for the Z-series housing. #nauticam please
  2. If I recall correctly, this is a touchscreen only unit? Not sure how much that would hamper it's utility U/W.
  3. Was this for making measurements?
  4. Out of curiosity, what made you choose the Oly Pro over the Pany 7-14?
  5. The one thing that kills the A7III for me is the 1.2x crop in 4K 30p. On that alone, I’d spring for the A7Riii or wait to see what the A7Siii brings.
  6. Possibly the AF performance of the A7III/A7RIII might be a compelling reason for some over the GH5’s weaker AF. When you used the 15mm on the GH5 with the WWL-1, what port did you use?
  7. Look at the GH5, it has 4K60p, 10-bit 4K30p, a decently high bit rate, etc. It takes excellent stills as well. The only thing lackluster on the GH5 is the autofocus performance. Of course, they all are a series of compromises as there is no perfect camera.
  8. Not having 4k/2.7k60p may well be a hardware limitation but that is pure speculation. Though, I do not believe that having some of those additional features threatens their higher range cameras. After all, those cameras provide true professional ('real' audio, eND, etc) features that the smaller cameras cannot touch. The people that need the high end cameras will still get them, and the folks that cannot afford the high end cams will rent or use a Panasonic! I would not hold my breath for a 2.7k60p option as much as I would like that to happen in the A7iii.
  9. Do you have a picture of your A6500 rig with the Keldans you can post?
  10. Does the 5s fit/work properly in the NA-GH5 housing?
  11. Has anyone tried the WWL-1 with a DX camera or do you need to step up to the WACP?
  12. Walt what port are you going with instead for the 10-17?
  13. Hey Alex! Shipping would be to Indonesia as well? Roughly, shipping to Indonesia appears to be about $100 via the US Post Office. PM me with your email address and I'll send you pics of the camera and vacuum system tomorrow. Cheers, Tony
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