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  1. There have been numerous changes for the Z cameras lately. With the improved AF and pseudo-raw video capture, I am interested to hear some feedback on the viability of the Z6 for UW video work. Has the AF improved sufficiently to be considered reliable under appropriate use scenarios? Does the raw capture provide tangible benefit over what you can get with in camera recording? I’m about to send my Z6 off for the update to develop some feel for the raw workflow on land. What are your thoughts?
  2. How has the A7iii been working out? What lenses are you shooting? Any footage to share?
  3. Picked up a Kenko HD 1.4x DGX as per the OP’s information from Backscatter. Indeed this TC does AF with the Z6+FTZ+TC+Nikon 8-15. I believe that is the ‘lowest’ 1.4x TC in Kenko’s lineup. Since I had just updated to firmware 3.0, I decided to test the Teleplus Pro again that one seems to work now as well. @TimG if you haven’t updated the firmware on your Z6 yet would you mind doing a before and after test?
  4. What is the condition of the 28-70?
  5. What drove me away from a compact system was the lack of decent viewfinder. The EVF was fairly useless and even the lcd was barely better in many situations. Maybe that has improved sufficiently in today’s compacts but for me, if I can’t add 45* finder, I’m likely to be unsatisfied.
  6. Tim, I've the same result with Teleplus Pro DGX and Nikon 8-15...works with the D500 but not on the Z6 (FW 2.20). Curious to hear from the OP if the non-Pro version wound up working with his Z7.
  7. Have you received the new TC and had a chance to test the AF function?
  8. I’ve opted for the WACP-1. Size and weight being my biggest ding against the -2.
  9. So is the version of the TC recommended by Backscatter is supposed to allow for AF with the Z series? LOL, good call Tom. After posting earlier about the weirdly shaped vignette, it hit me that I had not removed the hood!
  10. This is the Kenko 1.4 I have on hand "Kenko 1.4X PRO 300 Teleconverter DGX". I just put it on my Z6-FTZ-TC-8to15. For me, it is only usable from 11mm and up. Below 11mm the vignetting is crazy shaped and not pleasing. This combo does not AF. The TC/lens AF alright on my D500.
  11. Price reduced: now $1400 + shipping for both housing and camera. All offers considered.
  12. Although I have heard good things about the Z50 I'm not sure that I'd put it on the performance level of a D500? I've not seen an announcement for a housing either. Have you tried one out? I'd love to take one for a spin.
  13. I am patiently (not really!) waiting for Nikon's ML D500 counterpart if only for the improved live view and video aspects because otherwise the D500 continues to be a fantastic camera. I have a Z6 that I really enjoy as well and have considered the idea of a housing for it but have mostly convinced myself to wait on the next round of Nikon Z's hoping for that D500 replacement.
  14. I love my D500 setup as well. How do you find the focusing with the 8-15 and Kenko? Having just added an 8-15 to my quiver, that combo seems to ‘focus jitter’ a lot during dry testing. Maybe I need the new version of the Kenko or to tweak my focus settings. I’ll break out my old Zen DP-100 and figure out what extension ring I need and get it in the water for some tests soon. I think I’m going to pick up a WACP in the meantime and try it with one of the 18-55’s. I think I’ll either add or move to a FF system in the next couple years and the pain of a WACP acquisition now will be but a distant memory.
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