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  1. Just what I needed to read. My GoPro is going belly up and I have a Canon S90 so I was debating on whether or not to take the GoPro folk's offer for 20% off a new camera or buy a housing and all the gear for my Canon 40D. I dive locally (very nice, spring fed, clear lake) but my only "real" diving is about once a year somewhere in the Caribbean. I just posted under Classifieds my concern about buying from individuals online and I also didn't think the amount of use would justify the expense. I think I'll get a new GoPro. The whole travel thing is another concern. Don't want to lug a bunch of stuff around while traveling. Thanks! why is that post showing me as Guest?
  2. BradMM

    Is it safe?

    I guess it's no different than ebay but I don't use online sites to sell or buy stuff from individuals. I'd rather see what it is I'm buying and know I can return to the vendor if there's a problem. However, I have seen posts for gear that I'd like to buy for a lot less. Is that the trade off? Risk vs reward?
  3. I used to shoot on land with my trusty Pentax K1000. No bells and whistles but I could control everything just fine. Is there a comparable underwater camera? I do want digital but I would like a similar level of simplicity, control and low cost. Suggestions?
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