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    Olympus OMD-EM5 and EPL-3
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    Nauticam EM5 housing and Olympus EPL3 housing
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    S+S YS01
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    Sola1200v and 800p, Inon 165 macro lens *4, Ultralight tray handles and arms.
  1. Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing.....how to justify a 3d printer for all those bits and bobs you cant get elsewhere....hmmm. Thanks anyway Trickster, thought it was worth an ask !
  2. I was looking to get the Nauti trigger for my EM5, unfortunately its one of the earlier models so there is no bracket available for it. I dont suppose you have access to an EM5 and the ability to print out one of those adapters per chance
  3. I would definately be interested in the flip, filters and macromate if you do consider splitting the kit
  4. When I was at the NEC Dive Show last year, Nauticam had a trigger mechanism setup on one of their demo EM5's which turned the horizontal trigger into a more SLR style trigger. It looked like a definate bonus, however despite numerous prompts to Alex Tattersall, the item has never resurfaced (apart from being installed from stock on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera housing), so I fear that the version I saw was a prototype which has been mothballed. Shame as it looked a perfect addition to the mirroless setups Dave
  5. Definately shameless self promotion there Jussi, but as owners of a pair of your gears, ive gotta agree they do work a treat !!! Dave
  6. Interested in the SMC, Subsee and 67mm flip if they are still available Sent you an IM Dave
  7. A pair of Inon 165AD diopters, plus dual holder for ultralight/inon arms plus a AD to 67mm adapter. Lenses are in excellent condition with no scratches on the glass, and bar 2 small holes VERY carefully drilled in the plastic to allow for a lanyard to be attached, are in perfect order. They sell for over £340 new, but Im looking for £150+postage for the set, but am open to offers Cheers Dave
  8. Camera and housing now sold. Just the pair of macro lenses, adapter and holder left
  9. I could do £135+postage. Thats less than 1/2 price on new, plus you get the double lens holder and 67mm-AD adapter for free. Drop me a PM if youre interested Dave
  10. The dome has been sold already. Sorry
  11. Further Price Drop....£400 for the camera setup
  12. Dropping the prices...Now £450 for the camera rig and £150 for the pair of Inon 165AD macro lenses
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