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  1. Called Southern Nikonos before buying anything, and talking with Bob gave the last bit of encouragement I needed. Everything is going to him before it goes out to sea with me. Also, ordered Church's book simultaneously with the Nikonos V! :-) I did a PADI U/W Photography course at Stuart Cove's some 9 years ago, using the Nikonos. I got some terrific results, just with the 35mm lens. For now, I'll miss not using digital, but on the other hand, the space saving of not carrying a dome is significant. The tradeoffs are large, but not all of them are bad. Truth is, I'd have given my eye-teeth a decade ago for a Nikonos rig (much of it new), secured for a small faction of original cost, and a good deal less than renting a Sea&Sea. Got this one last year though, with the Sea&Sea/Nikon D200: http://billkeane.zenfolio.com/p687018592/h3b07a628 Thanks for all the help and insight here!
  2. Thanks Ellen! OK, so here's what I'm doing now... I've gotten hold of a Nikonos V with 20mm and 35mm Nikkors, and 2 SB-105's, etc, for a fraction of what renting a housing would be. Much as I love digital, I cut my teeth on Velvia and for the amount of diving I do, I can't justify the $$ to do digital things really right. Retro state of the art for me, and if I get 3 or 4 real keepers, I'll be a very happy guy!
  3. I am close to renting a Sea&Sea DX-200 for my Nikon D200. If I use an Nikonos SB-105 and the proper cord/port can I get TTL flash as is, or do I still need the Sea&Sea TTL Converter?
  4. I am interested in buying a housing for a Nikon D200, hopefully with a dome port. My direct email is: billisabk@sbcglobal.net
  5. Has this been sold? I'm interested. billisabk@sbcglobal.net
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