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  1. Here is the update for all interested. I recently got a 3 - 4 month gig shooting in Costa Rica... it is all travel related stuff and all on land with minimal free time / dive time and luggage space. So I purchased 1 Inon Z-240 and ULCS hardware and then an enclosure for a Panasonic point and shoot that I already have. I will be putting together a DIY tray, grip and optical sync cable. When I get back, I'll be able to pitch the Panasonic and look at upgrading to a pro housing. I figure this gets me started (at least it satisfies the itch to get into UW photography) with minimal loss interms of what I spend now and don't use later. The Inon and ULCS hardware are of course be great investments and I can easily add to that setup in the future when I have a chance to spend more time UW. Thanks again for the help. Ryan
  2. Adam, thanks so much for your reply. I had tried a search on the forums but didn't turn that up. No worries time to order a couple Z-240's ; )
  3. Has anyone ever dealt with these guys? I was searching on the forum here for a optical cap for an INON and I ran across their site. The sell a Z-240 for $669... Trying to find out if they are an authorized dealer now. http://www.divervision.com/catalog/-p-189.html Thanks! Ryan
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies and insight. You have definitely given me a lot of food for thought...and increased the price tag of this "little hobby" at the same time (but I expected that). Okay here is what I have gleaned: - the 20mm Nikkor is out - the Tokina 10-17mm rocks as a DX lens but won't serve me unfortunately with a FX sensor unless I am a fan of 5MP, Ellen as much as I'd love to get a dedicated DX UW system, my land D700's have me anchored there for now, I can't justify another DSLR right now (also thank you for the advice about the y vs straight cables...that makes perfect sense now, for some reason I was thinking that I could not use 2 single cables with the Inons on an Ikelite) - so it looks like I will settle with a Sigma 15 FE, I have a Nikkor 1.4 TC that I can try on it - 60mm macro is definitely next on the list A few of you mentioned that you would NEVER place a D700 in an Ikelite housing, is this simply from a "safety" perspective with worries about flooding the housing? If so, I am a big fan of insurance, so that is not to big of a concern for me. Or is this simply a matter of build quality and ergonomics. Understandably an aluminum housing will be a much better product...I am trying to get a quote for a Sea & Sea though a friend that is a dealer...we'll see how that works out. Unfortunately If I were to purchase an aluminum housing it increases the prices of the ports as well...I'd either have to shoot only ambient (EEEK) or wait a quite a while longer before I could make this purchase. I should shoot more weddings ; ) A few others have brought up the fact that UW shooting is an entirely different game as is diving with a camera (you're right 100 dives really isn't that many), I completely understand this and I am leaving any confidence I may have as a photographer on shore. I am definitely open to the new learning curve. Thanks again for the help. I will update you all with what the final outcome is. If you don't hear from me for a while I'll be counting pennies and eating ramen. Cheers, Ryan
  5. Hey DiverPam, Thanks for your thoughts as well. Trying to rework a configuration or two. I'd like to keep this first round of purchases to as minimal as an expenditure as possible and then add to it...so maybe going for a 20mm Nikkor instead of a wider zoom or prime since all the FX WA and zoom WA lenses are fairly expensive. I've always wanted a 20mm anyways ; ) On another note I noticed in your sig that you have a D90 / DS-161. Do you have an video publicly available using the 161? Thanks, Ryan
  6. Whoops, not sure how I missed that the Tokina is a DX lens, that would definitely be a problem, thank you for pointing that out. You make a very good point in regards to the responsiveness of a P&S compared to the DSLR I am used to on land. I will rethink and try to price things out again. I should have phrased my thoughts on the D700 a little better, I only see it as "aging" in regards to it's lack of video capability. It is a SUPERB still camera and will continue to be for many years to come. Thanks again for your thoughts Tim. I'm just on my phone now but I do some more work on this when I get home. Cheers, RG
  7. Alright, I need help. I am not ashamed to say it but the different options, configurations, brands and decisions have me throughly baffled. A little background on me: I am a professional photographer shooting photojournalistic and freelance work. I shoot all Nikon gear with a couple of D700's and 2.8 lenses from 24mm to 400mm. When I got into scuba about 2 years ago, my first concern was to learn the sport and become comfortable in the water. Now with about 100 dives I feel as though I can juggle both scuba and photography, so it is time to spend some money ; ) Obviously none of the gear that I currently have does me much good UW (yet). So here is my primary concern: At this point in time I am hesitant to purchase a Nauticam, Sea & Sea or other aluminum housing for a D700. For two reasons, first is price…add in ports, strobes, arms, sync cables etc and this is a very expensive initial investment. But secondly and more practically the D700 is an aging camera and as much as I love Nikon they are slow to introduce their new cameras. I would like to make the jump to an aluminum or higher quality housing at the same time as purchasing a Nikon equivalent of the 5d mk II with video capability or something along those lines. I have been in photography long enough to have learned the lesson about buying cheap gear so my first thought is "buy the best strobes and supporting material you can afford because the housing is always going to be the short-term investment whereas the lights and accessories will be much longer-lived items." So right now I am looking at the following: - Ikelite DS-160 or 161's (love the idea of having the LEDs onboard for video down the line but I am not sure if they are even practical) - Inon Z-240's (love the size and the reviews they have been getting and the AA batteries and price) - ULCS 5 x 8 arms, etc etc... Now if I were to get a housing for my D700 it would be the Ikelite ($1500), add in a dome for $350, and the kicker is I would have to purchase a new lens as I don't have anything for UW WA work. I am looking at either the Tokina 10-17 or the Nikon 20mm. And this is where I begin to get a little lost -- do I purchase the 10-17 or the 20mm? Do I go with Ikelites multi system domes (or whatever they call them) or custom (per-lens) solutions? The next question is, if I spend a bunch of money on Ikelite domes and ports I am going to be stuck using those on Ikelite housings am I not? And if I purchase an Ikelite housing is it worth it to get the Ikelite strobes simply for the TTL capability, don't misunderstand me I am perfectly comfortable with manual strobes on land, though I am not sure if there is some reason I would not be UW. And finally, lets say I start with 1 strobe (I'd most likely have a second within 6 months), I would need to start with a single sync cable and then upgrade to a double y cable would I not? So just thinking out-loud, if I add all this up (housing, lens, domes/ports) I am looking at about $2500 + the costs of lights arms etc. Which gets me thinking. For the same cost as the Ikelite D700 housing I can buy a Canon S90 and a FIX S90 aluminum housing…which saves me the hassle of worrying about aging cameras, dome ports and cheap enclosures at least for now. About the only piece of equipment I would have to buy that would not work with a DSLR setup would be the tray for the FIX housing. Any thoughts on this idea or any disadvantages? I am going to go play with a S90 to test out the various manual controls and the shutter lag to see if I could deal with it. I know that I have put a lot of open-ended questions and thoughts out there but any ideas or thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated. I am particularly interested in any feedback on strobe choices. Thanks for your help! Ryan Gibbons
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