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  1. For sale is dual handle ikelite tray with handles and quick disconnect asking 65.00 plus shipping half tray with arm and quick release 90.00 plus shipping
  2. Aquatica macro port in good shape with gears FOR NIKON LENSES ASKING $325 AT THAT PRICE I WILL PAY SHIPPING IN THE LOWER 48 I did not mark the rings for each lens, it has been awhile since they were used
  3. wsarro


    Don't know if i did this correctly ..but here goes ..ys 110 and cable have been sold
  4. Sea & Sea ys 110 new in the boX $100 plus shipping sea & sea 50107 fiber optic cable L type $30 sea & sea 20503 sea arm lite $50 All items are plus frt, don't be afraid to make an offer
  5. Deal jim....i guess you can invoice me through paypal..have not done this for awhile ..so not sure what you need from me thanks Bill
  6. hi I am interested in your camera..what is your best price and do you accept paypal thanks bill
  7. Sorry for the delay. been traveling and missed your email...yes I still have it Bill
  8. The Aquatica part number for flat port 18426
  9. Hi Sorry for the delay ...yes they are available .....I sold the *"dome port and sent it to Australia..freight was about $60 I will try to send some pics I also have some focusing gears that I did not list
  10. hi I am going to Raja Ampat and then to Bali doing a Bali Safari any suggestions on critters that may be unique in that area
  11. Hi I am headed to Raja Ampat and then doing a Bali Safari ..any suggestions
  12. The 8 ninch dome port has been sold thanks for looking
  13. Hi I have the Aquatica 18456 and 18453 rings ..sorry should have posted the numbers with the listing
  14. Aquatica 8 inch dome port with sun shade and cover $495 two extension reings $180 each Aquatica macro af/mf port $385 plus shipping
  15. I have an eight in dome with sun shade and cover asking $495 I also have two extension rings $100 each plus the macro port af/mf for sale
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