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  1. I am sure I saw settings for the E-M1 in Nauticam housing a while back but now I can't find. I've been doing searches for two days without any luck. Can some post the link to it. Thanks
  2. Has anyone had this setup in the water yet? Is there an existing zoom gear for this setup now or is a new gear required? I am getting a bad case of GAS.
  3. I've been following this thread since it started and waiting to see how it plays out. The big decision I trying to make is whether to buy the 170mm or 180mm dome port for this lens. The 170mm is so much easier to travel with. It fits in my carry bags. I want one dome for both the 12-40mm and 7-14mm.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I completely forgot about the 9-18 lens. I am using the 60mm port with the 12-50. Alex and have shown that this port works with 12-50 and 60 macro. I would like to keep the number of ports to a minimum for travel reasons. I am leaning towards the 8 mm because of port size, economics and cfwa at this time. I loved shooting with my 7-14 43rd lens but is was beast to travel with. The Panasonic 7-14 is a third the size and cost I handle. The Oly 7-14 is rumored to cost 1799.00. That's a lot for one extra stop of light. Thanks again for your response. One more thing. Can a more technically minded person why the Panasonic 8 and 7-14 can't use the same 170 mm dome. I did this with the 43rd rig I had by just adding an extension for the 7-14. I got sharp corners with this lens.
  5. I shot 43rds for years but have recently moved to micro43. Currently I have the Oly EM1, 12-50 lens and Nauticam housing. I would like your opinion on which wide setup to go with first. The 8mm Panasonic or the 7-14 Panasonic. I know they use different domes, which surprises me, sine I used the 170mm dome for both lens with my 43rd setup. I will eventually acquire both lens but not now. I will be shooting in Fiji at the end of the month. All opinions welcomed.
  6. Phil, just sold all my 4/3 stuff to move to micro 4/3. So far I've bought the M1, 12-50mm, 60mm macro and 40-150mm. Plan on getting the 8mm FE, 12-40mm, 7-14mm or 9-18mm and Nauticam M1 housing when it comes out. Question. Can the Olympus dome port be used on a Nauticam housing? If not it's for sale. I definitely purchase a large dome for the over/under shots but 4.33 dome would be nice for travel, but it would be my second choice after a large dome port. BTW here is shot I made with your 7-14mm.
  7. I had the same problem a few months ago. I was using the Olympus 410 and Olympus 410 housing, but wanted to move up to the E3, which I used 90% of the time topside. The EPL-1 really caught my interest do to the cost and size mainly, but after decided to house the E3. This was after a lot of reading and advice from the site. I started shooting with a compact, but I found that using a view finder worked better for me than a LCD screen. Secondly, I prefer the speed, no shutter lag of the SLR, although the shutter lag on the EPL-1 isn't bad. If budget is a main concern I am letting go of the 410 system. Follow the link: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?s=&am...st&p=271983
  8. I see you are thinking about a DSLR system that won't break the bank. i have for sale the Olympus 410 system. I will let it go for $1200.00. The kit includes the the Olympus 410 camera (charger, batteries, cables), Oly 410 housing, Athena 14-42mm port (50mm macro can be used with also), Athena double arms and tray, Inon strobe adapter, 14-42mm gear, fiber optics holder and o-rings etc. I have it for about two years three trips before I finally housed my E3. It has never been flooded.
  9. Doesn't look mine came with any adapter at all. I'll call Reef Photo to find out if it was suppose come with it. Thanks for all the help.
  10. I assume that a port adapter is needed to fit Olympus and Athena ports to this housing. Thanks in advance for everyones help.
  11. I just got the Seatool housing for the Olympus E3 yesterday. I'll be going to Bonaire in December. I have the Athena port for the 14-42mm would like to know what port adapter is needed to use this port. I also have the 9-18mm, 50mm macro an d 14-54. I am thinking about the Inon or Athena port for the 50mm, but would like to know hear comments about the best solution for the 9-18 and 14-54. I know Athena makes a 9-18 port but this port seems to be only useful with the 9-18. I was thinking about the maybe a larger dome that works with more lens options. Anyone using the 14-54 or should I be thinking about investing in the 12-60? Any help would be great. By the way I'll be using Inon D2000 strobes with fiber optics.
  12. So the Zen 100mm port would will work with the the Seatool and my PT-E03 housing? I have the 9-18 and 14-42 lens.
  13. Athena is making its own housing for the EPL1 but without viewfinder. They are also making assoeries for the EPL1 Oly housing. Athena website PDF of EPL1 Athena suff. http://www.athena-opt.com/E-PL1_chart04_for%20Olympus.pdf
  14. Hello everyone, It's been a very long time since I posted anything so here goes. Currently I use a Oly 410 with PT-E03 housing. I've taken some really great pictures with it but traveling with it (and I don't have all the the ports and second strobe yet) is getting to be a real pain. So I am also interested in a smaller setup but won't give quality. The port on the Oly EPL1 housing does come off even though Oly says it doesn't. Zen Under Water even makes a dome for the 9-18mm lens. Below is a picture they sent me on request. Hope this helps.
  15. For the 9-18mm, which would you go with the new Athenta port or the Oly dome port?
  16. HELP! I am leaving for Bonaire in three weeks and my E410 just stop auto focusing. Anyone ever have this problem? Help
  17. Has anyone tried to see if the E420 fits in the PT-E03 housing? I guess I got lucky and got one of the last good PT-E03 housings. I would like to buy the 420 as my primary camera and use the 410 as a backup. Also does anyone know if the new 9-18mm lens will need a new port and extension or will one of the existing ports work?
  18. I have a PT-E03 housing and I was wondering if someone makes a different eye piece with more magnification.
  19. Thanks for the info. I finally got into the pool with the housing today. First test no camera. No leaks. Second test. Leaks!. I did as Olympus suggest and removed the the eye piece and strap rings. The leak happened around the pop flash hump. So now it happen time start the long process of replacement. I've included a picture. I also will include a short video with the repair report. Thanks again.
  20. I purchased my housing this past spring but havn't had a chance to get in the water yet. I have a trip to Bonaire planned at the end on Nov. I'll try to go to a pool this weekend to test it. But with all the problems I would hate to have a flood in Bonaire as I don't get to dive as often as I use to. What was your process to replace the housing. Did fill out a repair request first or did you call customer service first?
  21. I just recently bought the last E410 PT-03 housing, but I bought it before I knew about the leak problems and the new 520 housing. So I am wondering should I try to get an exchange on to housing for the 520 housing.
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