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  1. Thanks guys, ok, so I've managed to convert a few files from .MOV to MPEG now and started to mess about with WMM, not impressed really, its ok and does the job but very basic... Is there a better free package out there or even a cheap one for sale? Also, after conversion, it seems the quality has become slightly worse, is this normal? Surely not for digital files...?
  2. Hi all, I'm having trouble editing my video footage. The main problem is when I upload from my camera, it saves the footage in MOV. format which is not recognised by Windows Movie Maker. So, how do I change this to upload to ?MPEG? format so I can use WMM, or do I use a free video editing package that recognises .MOV? I don't know the advantages or disadvantages of either format, so if anyone does please enlighten me! Thanks, D.
  3. Hi, one for the fisheye s90 housing users out there... I'm just about to buy one and want to know what arm/tray options work well with it? Thanks, D.
  4. Hi guys, my second attempt at UW video with my Canon S90.
  5. really nice mate, I got the S90 too and its nice to see what can be achieved. What settings did you use?
  6. Hi, I have just been advised for UW shots I should be using this as it continues to hunt for focus instead of setting the focus at one point. Do most UW photographers use this mode then? Seems to be an advantage to me. D.
  7. Hi all, just thinking of upgrading to dSLR and want to know whether to stick to a budget and go for the 550d or go up the range a little to the 7d? Given that they both use the same sensor and processor will there be much difference in the final image quality? A 7D user on another forum has said that the quality will be very similar, and a trust his judgement but am also looking for a few more opinions! All the best, D.
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