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  1. thanks should have written it down banishs thanks for the tip. appreciiate your time in answering me banishs
  2. Hello, banishs here. I just got back from tacoma dive show where i did a seminar that Jett B (can't remember full last name) did and found out that i basically have no chance of ever writing for a scuba magazine without pictures. editors apparently like the whole package, pics and words. Well, I am no photographer and honestly have no interest in it, except to appreciate the really cool pics you guys take. I then talked to someone from xray magazine who was kind enough to give me the name of this website as a possilbe site to find photographers to work with. So if you are a photographer looking for a writer let me know, or if you are willing to work with one (share pictures i may need for a story/article and share any money we may get) let me know. I am a complete newbie and have never been published to be painfully honest. But who knows, maybe you are too and we can take a chance together to try and live the dream. if this info i got is all wet (sorry can not help pun) and this is not a site that can help me, let me know too. Appreciate any replies banishs
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