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  1. I'm working on my blues. using the canon 17-40 and an 8"dome "> ">
  2. that is absolutely amazing. Composition is fantastic!
  3. That first one is beautiful. great job
  4. Great shot! looks like he was bitten or injured right by his mouth previously. yikes.
  5. beautiful, beautiful photos. My favorite is the yawning hippo.
  6. great job. The second one is amazing
  7. I need a zoom gear for my 17-40L lens and have the subal CD5 for my Canon 5D. Looking on the backscatter site I noticed that they only list the 5DII on their list of cameras. Curious as to whether the zoom gears are the same/compatible thanks
  8. So eerie! I like it. 1 and 3 the most.
  9. I took my setup out freediving with a friend last weekend. Still experimenting and shooting ambient light; waiting for strobes. Thing about shooting freedivers is that it's always a similar subject, so things can get a little stylized. Main issue with these is the amount of floating material in the water. Thanks!
  10. love number 2 and 4. great stuff
  11. Going to have to try it out. Thanks for the tips!
  12. the whale and the second to last (bird) are amazing. Great job
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