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  1. Hi guys, I'm about to buy used Canon 5D Mark III. I wonder if my Ikelite 5D Mark II can be converted to work with Mark III. Is this possible? Did anyone of you do this? Thanks, maczek
  2. Hi guys! I own Ikelite 5D Mark II housing and will be doing some pool shoots in near future. I don't have underwater strobes but have studio flash lights. Does anyone of you know if it's possible to trigger an external studio flash from being underwater? I was looking for a sync cord but didn't find anything suitable for that. Anyone has any experience with that? If such sync wire exists, where can I buy one? Thanks, Kris
  3. Not all shots turn out like this, but most of them. I never faced such problem before. I had Canon G10 in uw housing and also 5D with 17-40 in Ewa-Marine plastic bag. When I moved to Ikelite and Dome Port 8" this problem appeared I'll try felt pen advice Anyway, I found this Q/A related to this issue: http://www.stephenfrink.com/sf-tips/200801...okina-workflow/
  4. Hi! I have a problem with Canon 17-40 & Ikelite dome port 8". The problem is when I shoot at shallow depth the lens reflects in a dome and in result the lens shape & inscriptions are captured by the camera. Here's an example: Anyone knows how to prevent this from happening? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I've recently bought Ikelite for 5D Mark II with 8" dome port. All seem to be fine except one thing that scares me... When I use the housing in a pool or a lake I hear strange sound coming from the housing. It sounds like knocking or crashing and is quite loud. I checked the housing for possible leaks or bubbles and didn't find anything. Did anyone of you experience such issue? Is there anything to worry about? Thanks, maczek
  6. Hi! I'm gonna buy Ikelite for my Canon 5D Mark II. Does anyone know if it's possible do detach arms from the housing? If so is there any possibility to attach wrist/hand strap to the housing to "connect" camera with diver? I'm a freediver and I'm affraid I could drop the camera while ascending. The wrist strap will be very useful for me. Thanks, maczek
  7. Hi I have Ewa-Marine U-BXP 100 and use it with my Canon 5D Mark II & 17-40L. It works quite good, i shoot almost only wideangle UW photos at 17mm. Operating the camera inside this housing is a real pain but when you finally manage to take a photo you'll more than happy seeing the results - they are outstanding. I tried to take 1/2 photos but it's hard to do & doesn't look nice. I think a hard housing & dome port for such kind of shoots is a must. If you have any questions regarding Ewa-Marine feel free to ask. I've been using it for over half year, mostly in a pool, but also in lakes & Red Sea. I was diving with it to 15 meters without any problems. Regards, maczek
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