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  1. I think we're taking a bus. But thanks! Also, if you have and tips about Coral Bay whether it be about the town or the reefs, please let me know! Do you have any pictures from the area?
  2. Yikes! That's scary! I managed to pack everything in my carry on! I have the strobe and housing in a backpack and then the camera and lenses in a case as a "personal item". Probably should have mentioned what I have too. It's a Nikon coolpix 5000 and Aquatica 5000 housing with an ikelite ds 50 strobe. The package I got on ebay also came with a telephoto sense and a wide angle! I should have internet and such, at least at times, so I will be updating you guys with pictures.
  3. In Perth for a week then to Coral bay for about two. How do you guys bring your cameras on a plane? I was thinking bring the camera and lenses on my carry on, and then just pack the strobe and housing in with my clothes?
  4. Hey everyone, So I'm going to Australia on Thursday (!) and I got an underwater camera from ebay last week. I figured I might as well go to a pond near my house and test it out, make sure all the seals are good. Here's my first picture! Nothing crazy, but I can tell I'm already hooked.
  5. Hey everyone, Just bought my first underwater camera. It's a Nikon coolpix 5000 with the aquatica 5000 housing and an iklelite DS 50 strobe for, what I believe at least, to be a pretty good deal off of ebay. I'm not a diver, but plan to get certified soon. I got this camera mainly for snorkling, as I'm going to Australia on the Ningaloo reef for 3 weeks this coming week for a marine biology study abroad program. Since I am going to school for marine biology, I figure it is only a matter of time (months? lol) until I get my diver certification, so i wanted something that can go below 10 feet. Haha. I've been reading a lot around here and will post pictures of my first trip. Anyone have any experience with this camera, strobe, or combo? Thanks!
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