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  1. D850 underwater? Anyone tried with 16-35mm yet? Or with 8-15mm? The housing has been out there for a time now. Anyone tried with 16-35mm or with 8-15mm and the new Sea & Sea optical II 100L port? Can someone post pictures from there D850 underwater here, so we start seeing how the "beast" works under the surface. Thanks for you replay!
  2. Hi Guys! Do anyone of you know the direct email adress to Sea&Sea Japan? I want to speak with them about some problems I have with my D800 house? I can´t find any email or contact information on there website. Pls let me know if you have there email adress Best Regards
  3. Thanks for sharing! I really like the sharpness in this pictures. What port configuration do you use with the 1.4x?
  4. Hi Guys, Do anyone tried D800 + Sigma 15 + 1.4x Converter? Do you guys know if the Sigma works both with Kenko PRO and Nikons own 1.4x? My Ide is Close up Wide Angle in Lembeh in october. Can anyone show pictures from this setup? Regards! Mattias
  5. Nikon D800, S&S MDX housing, Nikon 16-35VR, 2x40mm exstension rings, Port 240. This work perfect.
  6. Amazing!!! I whish this kind of shoot was poosible with the DSLR cameras! I just love it!
  7. Hi Mark, This is a good thread with alot of good questions! I think you will be happy with the Tokina on the D800 if you are happy with it on the D7000 or similar. But....this is just as long that you dont start to compare side by side pictures... With the Sigma 15mm, the diffrent is just really big! But to you need it? If you don´t do big prints and heavy croping you will be more than fine with D300s/D7000. I recently had a covershot for DYK with just the D300s and the Tokina 10-17mm. And I am quite sure that the quality would not be worse with the Nikon D800 and the Tokina in DX mode. But when you start to see all the details you can get out from the D800 with a good lens you just want more...Why? I don´t know, Do you need it? Probobly not! But, its just amazing how much you can do with the pictures. I also discover that I take picture in slight diffrent way with the D800. I don´t need to compose the picture perfect direkt in the Viewfinder, I can leave abit of more "Air" and the fix it later. This is specially good when it comes to Macroshots, but also wideangle. I don´t know really what more to tell you. Just try the diffrent combos and see what you like! The biggest diffrent for me is FX vs DX...now when I am starting to control it....I never want to go back to DX. But thats just me! Good luck with your choice!
  8. Hi, I use Nikon 105vr + TC - 2.0xIII on my D800. Works great, but autofokus is quite slow. Image qualite is superb!
  9. Aussiebyron, I was really hesitating when I was planing to change camera. Did I really need D800? Was the diffrent in quality big? To be honest i don´t think you see so much diffrent on a PC screen. But when you work with the pictures and scale them to diffrent sizes and so on the D800 really makes diffrent. If you only shoot and print more or less straight from camera I don´t think the diffrent is huge. But as I told you, if you work with them. Spec what details you can get from over or under exposed areas. I like creativ sizing of pictures in magazine´s so for me D800 is just so COOL camera! But there are also downsides....
  10. Hi, Nice rapports guys!! I am useing the same gear right now and are testing it out. I have upgrade from D300s to the D800. In the same time almost change every lens... Right now I am using... D800 Sea and Sea MDX Housing Dual S&S YS110a strobes TTL Converter III Optical port and diffrent macroports. Lenses is 60mm, Nikon 105VR, Sigma 15mm, Nikon TC 2.0x III Converter. ( I have sold my Kenko converters, both 1.4x and 2.0x) So far I have just tested the equipment in pool and alot on land of course. My opinion is splited. When it works, results i magic! I have compared directly with D300s, and the different i clear! Specially on land, with Nikon 70-200/2.8 the pictures is eyecatching! But on the downside I find it more diffcult to put focus perfect. I am trying out the D800 quite hard. Right now in snow and really cold conditons. I let camera even to be in the snow just to check the weather sealing. The more I use the Camera, the more I lovet it. Specially the DR and resolution. I will go to Norway in end of Januari and really try the camera out in cold water. Its a really minus that S&S didnt include leaksensor in this housing! Here is an picture from D800 + Nikon 70-200.
  11. I have actually tried this topside. But not underwater... When I got my D800 and Sigma 15mm I used tripod and compared against a wall and also against flowers. I tested sigma in 15mm in FX mode, and the Tokina in both DX mode and also in zoomed in FX mode. My results... First impression is, not so much diffrent. But when you zoom in, there is actually BIG diffrent! Against the wall I could see details in the sigma that not the tokina good show. My results is that I now have sold the tokina.... But, for the most use I will honest say that the Tokina is more than you often need. I have been taken pictures with the Tokina that I really love. Its a very good lens and I have been used it with D80, D300s. For me upgrading to FX was mostly that I needed a new challange in photo. Somehow I use the camera much more right now, both topside and underwater. I needed something new, and when it comes to quality from the D800 I can see really different! But the D300s felt more save and easy somehow. But anyway, its diffrents between this two lenses.
  12. Hi, This response is direct from S&S The following dome ports are compatible with the lens: 1) FIsheye Dome Port 240 (#30116), NX Compact Dome Port (#56601), and Optical Dome Port (#30104). The best dome port for the lens is 1) FIsheye Dome Port 240 (#30116). #31114 Zoom Gear for Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8 USM lens can be used for Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX-DG Diagonal FIsheye for Nikon (as focus gear). Please note that there is no (focus) gear available for SIgma 15mm F2.8 EX-DG Diagonal Fisheye for Canon. As the AF/MF switch protrudes from the lens barrel, no gear can be mounted on the lens. / I use it with Optical dome port that I have remaid. The result is more than PERFECT! No soft corners above f7,1
  13. Hi Guys, I don´t know if you have notice that the S&S D800 housing and S&S Optical port does not fit directly on each other... Even that it says so in S&S system chart. That is wrong. The port is not possible to mount on the S&S D800 housing. Its to tight so when you turn the port towards the right position the sunshade hits the house. According to me the solution is NOT to take the shade away. Is better to remake the sun shade. Its simple and it works perfect! 1. Use a screw driver to take the shade of 2. Use a machine the can remove plastic, spining machine... (sorry I don´t know the english name..) 3. Dont´t take to much of, and its only back of the shade that has to be remade. 4. Takes about 30 minuts, and after you can hardly see that the shade has been change. Just a tip from me! If you want I can post some pictures! And the results..... I have just made some pool shots, and not looked at the pictures in the computer yet. But it looks really good! No vignetting, after f/7.1 the corners starts to get really sharp. Nice! /Mattias P.S I hope S&S make an alternativ shade that people can buy if they want!
  14. Hi man! Sigma 15mm fisheye will work perfekt with the 240. I have seen the pictures. Pls give feedback on this, becuase its very stranges in my eyes if its NOT working for you! D800+sigma 15mm+240 dome = good pictures! Looking forward to hear how it went for you!
  15. Hi, I had a customer that asked they same question about the Sigma. According to the information I have recived the Sigma 15mm would work fine behind S&S Fisheye Dome Port 240 with the D800. I have seen a couple of pictures from that setup by myself, and it really looks good! I would say perfect! What can be wrong in your setup there? What f-stop do you use?
  16. I have had the same problem with my D800. I can´t find any special reason. But what I have notice is at for me it only happends when I have to cards in the camara. (one CF, one SD). With only the SD card I have not had this problem so far. Have to try more with just SD card to be sure.
  17. Anyone tested D800 and Nikon 14mm/2.8? How was it?
  18. Hi Guys, I have recived my D800 camera now and are testing alot of my old DX lenses. I have tryed the Nikon 10-24mm lens and it seams to work quite ok in 15-16mm on FX. The quality seems ok. I wonder how big different it will be comparing to the Nikon 16-35mm lens. Anyone compared this ones?
  19. Good question! How do you like your new D800? Big change from the D300?
  20. I have a Tokina 10-17mm including S&S focusring for sale! Price in swedish kronor is 3500kr for Tokina. And 4000kr including the ring. /Mattias
  21. Hi, I would go for Upgrade to Nikon 60mm f/2.8D. That one works good with Kenko 2x 300 PRO telekonverter. Really nice setup that I loved with my D300s. The Nikon 60mm f/2.8AF-S don´t focus with kenko telekonverter 2x. And it also feels more plastic than the Nikon 60mm f/2.8D.
  22. Thank Alex! Do you have any picture to show from this setup? How fast is the autofocus and what is the workingdistans? Do you think its big different if I use my Kenko 2x PRO 300 telekonverter compared with Nikon? In means of sharpness and autofocus. Thanks /Mattias
  23. Hi there, I am looking for a good macro setup to my D800. What have you guys tried and what did really work? I am talking about reall macro, not fish portrait. I am aiming for pygme seahorses, fish eggs, details on nudi´s and so on. Pls give some advice! Thanks! /Mattias
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