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  1. Kri Eco Resort basic comfort but friendly atmosphere Not the place to stay if you need AC Diving great - agree with frogfone. Oceanic mantas on Blue Magic were a wonderful experience, we didn't even bother going deeper than the reeftop and spent 75 fantastic minutes in their company Some of the live aboard vessels we saw seemed to be on a very limited itinerary and there was speculation that they were conserving fuel! Hope you have a great trip
  2. Great pics We dived Raja Ampat in January Based on Kri Eco resort A different view of Arborek pier attached with some land views of the resort and Fam islands d
  3. Different sea but many mantas in Raja Ampat at Manta drop off. This picture has 16 in the frame including the splash from a leap. No idea how many mantas were circling around, their reflections in the mirror like surface were amazing but huge current meant you could not photograph them there. Recommend Kri to anyone wanting to experience mantas
  4. I lost the little black cap off the tip of the lens release lever (see picture) from my ND20 housing rendering it useless (see picture) and a real pain if using a bulky lens like the Nikon 105VR. After a lot of searching I found a number of suppliers of caps of various materials. The kind people at caplugs Europe (www.caplugs.co.uk) sent me some free samples and the SRC-125-16 did the job perfectly (see picture). As it is longer than the original cap it is unlikely to come off again. Works perfectly and took about 5 seconds to fix. Hope this helps someone else david kessel
  5. Hi Need a second bulkhead for my ND20 housing Have plenty of Ikelite leads so an ikelite bulkhead which would fit a Subal housing would be perfect if anyone is breaking down some old kit the wiring is as shown - needs to fit the 5 pin connector on the right side of the picture thanks d
  6. Pity the poor snorkeler to the left of the ladder ;-)
  7. here is my tuppence worth which is partly tinged with my professional work as a radiologist. This has been affected by the digital era and the quality of images provided for reporting has declined due to the increased exposure latitude. Radiographs are often poorly "framed" and badly exposed but we can obtain a diagnostic image by on screen manipulation. However this is a poor substitute for a well taken film in the first place. several aspects to this firstly quality of the initial image: there are metaphors which help such as you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear or in audiophile terms garbage in garbage out. If you start of with a poor image you may improve it but it is unlikely ever to become great. In other words the effort put into a shot usually pays its dividend in the final result Film tended to make me think about the shot as I only had 36 exposures but I had stopped improving as I would have one dive trip a year and would have to wait for my slides to be processed. Digital has been a liberation and allowed me to progress because I can see the results immediately and make adjustments and take more images until I achieve something I like. My pictures may not win prizes but I enjoy taking them and others seem to enjoy looking at them even if they are only being polite secondly why do we take pictures anyway - there are probably as many answers as there are photographers, some want a memory, some want to take a truly stunning and individual image and enjoy the process of striving for this (maybe I will one day?) others want a snapshot to show their friends and family. Each is a perfectly valid reason and everyone should should be free to get on with what they want. thirdly post processing has as others say always existed and for me part of the fun of photography was the time in the darkroom spent on the image. Slide photography (and old fashioned X rays) is the only time this does not apply. fourthly what is art - surely it is more than the original image it is a combination of the effect it has on the viewer visually and emotionally. If post processing alters that impact then what is the problem? My perspective is that as long as no one is passing things off as fakes then what harm is there? Lets enjoy ourselves and be as expressive as possible using the tools at our disposal. If you start with a good photograph (or X-ray) it will always show in the finished product. No doubt folk will come up with quirky effects using lytro etc but if the point and shoot attitude espoused is widely taken up there will be many more rejects than successes. Embrace the technology but striving to take the right image to work with will always be best in the end. d
  8. thanks for the update Adam, I appreciate the time and effort involved. Love the contest only found this new list by chance reading through the whole thread - is it possible to move the list to the top again? is it worth listing the next 2 contests on the PoW page for ease of planning? d
  9. Brilliant they really detracted from the real world d
  10. I am sure that this represents the future - light and motion tried something similar with the Titan housing for the D200. When someone gets this right it will certainly revolutionise equipment purchase. May be a wake up call for the other housing manufacturers. I originally bought a D200 to house but then got cold feet over the price and the lack of upgrade path only to buy a second hand subal this year. A "universal" housing would solve all of these problems especially if a large monitor was included congratulations and look forward to seeing some really rapid evolution on this front d
  11. Frank and Don apologies for the confusion with who posted the initial ad query still stands and I have sent PM to both d
  12. HI Don do you have a base adapter and a clamp left? david
  13. Buceotek http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=37973 Bought ULCS from Rodolfo in La Coruna Spain All arrived safely, despatched rapidly, well packed He is helpful and replies quickly many thanks d
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