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  1. I can't figure out how to edit my original post, but a few items are sold. This is what I have left and how much I would sell them for: WIDE ANGLE SET UP Nauticam 4.33 Dome Port for Lumix G Fisheye 8mm F3,5 Sell for $220 Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm F3.5 Lens Sell for $400 ‚ÄčA heads up if you are interested in the WA setup-- If it doesn't sell this weekend, I am going to sell the lens to B&H photo so will only have the port. LIGHTS 2 Keldan Video 8M CRI 8,000 Lumen 5,600 K Modular Video Light 2 Li-ion spare batteries 2 Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arm 200mm x 60mm / 8 In. x 2.4 In. 2 Nauticam 200mm / 8 Inch Double Ball Arm all clamps and connectors I would sell the entire lighting setup (lights,all batteries, all arms and connectors) for $2000 + shipping + 1/2 paypal fees
  2. How do I edit a post to update the list of sold items ? Edit does not seem to be an option. I tried logging off and back in, but still the same. Why is doing this so much different on this site compared to the thousands of other sites where this process is intuitive ? Also, I responded to my own add to list sold items and it identifies me as a guest even though I am clearly signed in as mintakax
  3. Jane-- Please contact me at baldwin@colorado.edu if you are interested or want to discuss the pricing. I do have one other person who has made an offer. Thanks, Dan
  4. Yes, I still have it. I would sell it to you without the GH4 body if you would like. Added up original prices for everything except the GH4 body and it adds to around $10,650. How does $5200 for all except the GH4 body sound ? I'll throw in the Pelican case.
  5. My diving days are over and I am selling my seldom used Nautical GH4 rig.Of course if possible, I would love to sell everything all at once. I'm not sure of the current value for everything, so I would consider all offers. Everything is in excellent conditionn Here is the list with either original or current prices: Here is some footage from this system: HOUSING Nautical NA-GH4 $2250 M14 Vaccum valve $220 CAMERA Panasonic Lumix GH4 body $900 WIDE ANGLE SET UP Nauticam 4.33 Dome Port for Lumix G Fisheye 8mm F3,5 $495 Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm F3.5 Lens $800 MACRO SET UP Nauticam Macro Port 35 for Lumix G X PZ 14-42 LENS $290.0 Nauticam P1442X-PZ Panasonic Lumix G X Vario PZ 14-42mm f/3.5-5. $220.0 Saga Dive Dual Flip Lens Holder 67mm $300.00 Reefnet SubSee Magnifier (+5 Diopter) $195.00 TRIPOD Xit 404 tripod bracket $220 3 XIT 404 Tripod Legs $525 LIGHTS 2 Keldan Video 8M CRI 8,000 Lumen 5,600 K Modular Video Light $4180 2 Li-ion spare batteries $920 2 Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arm 200mm x 60mm / 8 In. x 2.4 In. $160 2 Nauticam 200mm / 8 Inch Double Ball Arm $96 all clamps and connectors > $200 All but the camera body and spare light batteries fit into a Pelican 1610 case This stuff has to go ! Thanks, Dan baldwin@colorado.edu
  6. I wondered if this was possible and now I see that it is. I bought the zoom gear but have not used it yet, so I can still return it. Using the zoom gear does seem like it might be slightly more convenient .... Can someone who has used the zoom gear comment ?
  7. Thanks. It's kind of a strange size. I find it too wide for most of my top side use. I originally bought it to fly on a drone, but never got around to it.
  8. Another quick question. I have the M.Zuiko 12mm lens. Has anyone used this underwater with the GH4 ? It looks like it will fit in the 4" FE port. I realize its fixed FL and not as versatile as a zoom, but any reason I shouldn't give it a try ?
  9. I was thinking a +10 to go with the +5, but probably would have been ok with a single like you mentioned.
  10. Thanks Richard I thought that might be the case so I ordered the ring also.
  11. Also, apologies if this is a stupid question. I have just ordered the 14-42 PZ and the 35 flat port. Do people that use this, use the zoom gear or does the camera operate the power zoom ?
  12. Thanks all. I like the video Nick ! Is this the correct port for the 14-42PZ ? The nauticam N85 macro flat port 35 with 67mm threads ? http://www.backscatter.com/sku/na-36139.lasso I Could then add this dual flip diopter holder ? http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=5791
  13. I see its been about a month since anyone has posted to this thread. So ..... is the Oly 60mm still problematic for underwater video ? There was a FW update mentioned a few posts back, but no further inputs. With the GH4 4K crop factor, I can't imagine using a 60 in anything but absolutely still conditions with a firmly planted tripod. Assuming that the 60mm is still difficult for video, is the 14-42 PZ + diopters the best option for GH4/Nauticam housing macro/micro ? I may be able to sell my Oly 60mm and 65 Port and replace it with a proper setup for not too much more.
  14. Thanks Ryan -- I have no other underwater footage to compare against the 8mm FE, but in editing my 8mm footage from last weekend in Key Largo, I was surprised at the minimal amount of FE distortion. There is some curvature at distance on the edges, but I was expecting worse. Plus, dropping the 4k footage on an HD timeline with some scaling up pretty much gets rid of it. Tomorrow I'm buying the Keldan 8M CIDs and arms from Reef Photos. I had a nice phone chat with Phil from Reef this morning and feel good about using them, I do a lot of dives in Key Largo, so I like the Fla connection ! Again, thanks all for the advice
  15. Thanks all for the great advice. The keldans CRIs are at the top of my list and I am going to call Chris at Reef photos.
  16. Also at 2.6x crop, I can see why the 60mm would be difficult for Macro video. Using my Nikon D300 (1.5x I think), I shot both a 60mm and a 90mm for macro. Although I did get some great shots with the 90, it was frequently tough to focus and frame.
  17. Thank you Peter, Escape and Interceptor. I appreciate the advice. I do see some edge distortion with the 8 mm in the underwater video, but it is less than I was expecting. I think I am going to add the 7-14 + 6" dome + focus ring and a pair of some kind of lights. Peter, regarding the keldans, I was trying to figure out the purple comment, I knew they made a cyan module , but purple ? Then I figured out what you meant :-). Under what conditions would one need a pair of 10,000 lumen lights vs 5,000s ?
  18. Thanks. I should have done more research so I won't blame Backscatter, however I specifically told them I wanted to do video exclusively. At any rate, I am fairly pleased with my 8mm FE footage for WA and CU/WA for now and am really considering lights. Which lights would be best for subject illumination of general WA and CU/WA scenes with either a FE or a 7-14 setup , say 20-60ft depths and sunny conditions. I was thinking of a pair of Keldan 8x or 4x. Would the 8x be overkill ? If size was not a consideration, would the 8m be a better choice given the modular capabilities ? I'm an amateur that will maybe make 1 big trip (Indo, Mexico, Caribbean ) and several smaller trips (Keys) per year. I'm expecting my skill to improve and don't want to buy lights twice
  19. Hi, I'm wondering if I can get some advice regarding the gh4. I have around 150 dives with a sea&sea D300 photo rig, but have just started underwater video with the gh4 ( I've used it topside quite a bit). I have the nauticam gh4 housing, tray and xit tripod, 8mm FE and 4" dome port. I also have Panny 60mm and flat port. I just made my first dives with the FE and have not used the 60 yet ( I see that there is not much video recommendation for it on this thread). I used a red magic filter and MWB with ambient light on the first dives (key largo) and I guess for a first attemp I was satisfied with the results given mediocre ambient lighting conditions. It's going to be a while until my next dives, but I'm willing to put $4K into "improving" this rig. I'm not sure if I should blow it all on lighting, or, some on lighting and some on rectilinear lens (7-14 ?) and port ? If I had to put a number on it, I would say that my interests are 70% WA and 30% macro. I just don't have enough experience with video and video lights at this point , plus I live in Colorado, so I can't do much experimentation. From this thread it seems the 8mm FE is not too popular, although Backscatter really pushed it and the 60mm to me( my fault, not theirs) Anyways, any and all recommendations on how to improve the rig will be greatly appreciated. I did miss a couple of opportunities on my dives because the subjects were under an overhangs and badly under illuminated. Thanks ! Edit: I meant the Oly 60mm macro.
  20. I'm switching to video and would like to sell the following: Nikon D300 camera body Sea & Sea MDX-D300 Housing for Nikon D300 Inon 45' viewfinder for SLR housings - Installed Sea & Sea NX Standard Flat Port - Auto focus only Sea & Sea NX FishEye Dome Port Sea & Sea NX Port Extension Ring 40 B+W 77mm +2 Close-up diopter - NL-2 2 Sea & Sea YS-110alpha DS- TTL Strobes Sea & Sea Sync Cord - Nikonos Style for YS strobes Ultralight strobe arms,clamps and adapters,for 2 strobes Sea & Sea YS Converter/N for Nikon Fisheye HG 20 DX FIX Focus Light w/ two batteries Pelican 1610 Case w/ Velcro Dividers This package has seen quite a bit of use, but is fully functional. I have no idea what it is worth on the used market. If someone is interested, please make me an offer and I will take pictures of everything for your approval. Please email me at baldwin@colorado.edu Thanks ! Dan EDIT: Here are some pictures. I put everything together and took some pics to confirm strobes,TTL converter, focus light and all buttons function perfectly. This package has been very well cared for and has never seen ANY flooding whatsoever. There are some cosmetic scratches on the outside of the housing. I am including one spare sync cord, at least one complete spare set of brand new O rings and a MAHA charger with 16 rechargeable AA batts for the strobes, also several Lithium spare batts for the TTL converter. I would be comfortable taking this package, AS IS, on a major dive trip. Just add a macro and wide angle lens and it is ready to go. I paid over $9000 for this package originally. Please make me an offer as I have no idea of its used market worth. To see pics taken with this from my last trip go here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/94018267@N06/sets/72157632986754725/
  21. After 3 years and tens of dives, the preview and garbage can buttons on my S&S Nikon D300 housing seem to be a mm or so too short to activate the camera buttons. I've worked around this by placing a small piece of multilayer electrical tape over the buttons on the camera. I cant figure out why this has happened or if there is a better fix. The little plastic nubbins on the end of the shafts seem fine. Any ideas ? Thanks !
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