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  1. Bought a used g9 and canon housing from abuemily He was great. Good communication and shipped it promptly. He gave me a fair price for the setup with a bunch of add-ons plus a free 4 gig card that he didn't even mention which i greatly appreciated. It was all in great like-new condition too. It was all shipped very very safely and conservatively and all arrived safely and within only a week from Spain to the US. No problems or complaints at all. He was great!
  2. Thanks Steve, I just bought a canon G-9 with the canon housing used for 400$. I chose it because it's features/ specs were similar to those of the G-11 and it was a nice cheap package. I'm going to Florida on Wednesday and will have it there. I'll let you know how it all goes and post some pictures. Thanks again, Braden
  3. I'm interested. How many times do you think you've dove the setup?
  4. Hello Wetpixel, I am brand new to underwater photography. Im also only 17 and in high school right now. well I've been diving for about a year and I've been crazy about it since the start. I have always been very interested in underwater photography, and now I'm looking to get my first set up after my cheap 30 ft rated camera flooded last weekend I made about 2 grand last year working a summer engineering job and want to spend some of it to get a setup. i want to keep it under a thousand but am willing to go a little over. I want a decent setup to start with so i will have something decent that i can learn on and be able to grow into my camera. I want the camera to get me through senior year and college too so i want a pretty decent setup. I want something that is going to enable me to grow a lot as an underwater photographer and take great photos all the while. After a ton of research, I think that the G11 is for me (unless you know of a better fit). It has full manual controls and a relatively wide angle lens to start with(im interested in macro) . It is also pretty small and a cheaper alternative especially for housings which is my main question. I am looking at the 200$ canon housing for it. http://www.amazon.com/Canon-WP-DC34-Underw...9052&sr=1-2 Do you think that this is a good decision? i have read only a few complaints about it being leaky at shalower depths but most people only have good things to say about it being such a cheap housing. Plus i believe good maintainance should minimize danger. It seems like a cheap basic housing to start off with. I don't think i need the nicer fisheye, FIX, or ikelite housing to start out at least. Maybe upgrade later down the line. But you opinion would be greatly appreciated. Also for a strobe I was looking at either a fantasea strobe package (its cheaper elsewhere) http://cameras.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&...om/s.nl/sc.2/.f or a ikelite AF-35 http://www.ikelite.com/af35/autoflash.html Has anyone used either one of these? Once again, any opinions are appreciated. thanks alot to anyone with insite into my "noobie" questions.
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