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  1. Hi, I drowned one of my beloved Z240s last week and am now trying to locate a used replacement (type4 only). Is somebody out there keen for an upgrade and wants to sell their? I'm located in Norway. cheers, Peter
  2. Hi everyone, I'm selling my barely used PATIMA PDCH-D80 housing. It's in mint condition, has few scratch marks on the outside of the housing though. Included are 2 ports, 60 mm marco port and 18-70 mm zoom port. Has twin Nikonos 5pin bulkhead and Patimas TTL converter. Comes with spare o-rings for port + housing and (2x) port lit + (1x) housing lit. All Nexus M5 type screw ports (100 mm dia.) will fit e.g. Nexus, Patima or Zen Happy to answer questions. Reasonable offers welcome! best Peter
  3. This is for all compact cam user! selling my stuff out due to DSLR upgrade just take a look if you are interested! UWL-100 perfect condition, no scratches Dome unit for UWL-100 unfortunately minor superficial scratches, never was a prob under water! Ikelite N5 tray + Quick Grip good condition, some signs of use though Ikelite quick release tray + 1"adapter good condition, some signs of use though UN PCU-01 macro lens coming soon (need to picture it) perfect condition, no scratches I'll be happy to answer questions sending from Germany. thx for looking Peter
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