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    olympus E-PL1
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    Oly PT-EP01
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    Oly UFL-2
  1. Still available, $75 OBO: Seahorse SE-720D Protective Case With Adjustable Velcro padded Divider Tray. Like New, no scratches or scuffs, comes in original manufacturer packaging. Color is OSHA Yellow. outside dimensions 19-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 7-1/2". Lifetime warranty. Made in USA. This is a great waterproof and airtight lockable case, a direct competitor of Pelican cases but a substantially better value (IMHO). Shown below with complete Oly 4/3 rig including housing, 2 ports, 2 strobes, arms, camera, lenses, and accessories (all camera gear sold). Meets airline carry-on requirements. Additional details: I.D.: 18.29" x 13.19" x 6.62" O.D.: 19.75" x 15.53" x 7.48" Lid (I.D.): 1.67" Base (I.D.): 4.95" Empty Weight: 6.93 lbs. Carry On: Yes Latches: Muti-Option Telescoping Handle: No Wheels: No Watertight: Yes Padlock Hole: Yes Construction: Polypropylene co-polymer Pelican Equivalent: Pelican 1520 Storm Equivalent: Storm iM2400
  2. for sale: Bigblue FF 1 x 5W Aluminum LED Auto Flash Off AFO Diving Light. Asking $110. It is in like-new condition, in original packaging with warranty card, literature, etc.
  3. For sale: Seahorse SE-720 yellow hard shell weatherproof case and padded Velcro configurable divider set, 19-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 7-1/2"; carry-on luggage OK Asking $75. It is in like-new condition, in original packaging.
  4. I have the following for sale: - 1 Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Flash ($400) - 1 Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Diffuser ($30) - 2 Sea & Sea F/O Sync Cord L ($50ea) The UFL-2 supports optical TTL as well as Olympus proprietary wireless RC mode, a feature that allows strobe control from the back of the camera. In this mode the strobe fires at 1/64th power, greatly speeding camera recycle times, prolonging battery life and reducing heat buildup in the housing. This feature is supported by most Oly cameras in the last few years (PEN series cameras E-PL3, 2, 1, E-P3, XZ-1, E-series cameras, and others) All of the above equipment is in like-new condition, in original packaging with warranty card, literature, etc. I will offer a 5% on all above if purchased together. Thanks for looking. Bill
  5. Although MitHere's thread is mostly light-hearted, there's substance to his quandary! And Jack's suggestion is just how my wife/dive buddy and I handle it. Truth is, she finds the majority of my really memorable subjects, no exaggeration. If I'm concentrating on f-stops and strobe angles I'm apt to miss the free-swimming octopus trying to mate with the dolphin just behind me or the pygmy seahorse she found.
  6. Dome and lens are both SOLD, and this listing is closed. Thanks for looking. Bill
  7. Update: The 9mm-18mm WA lens has sold. Zen dome port is still available. ~Bill
  8. I am selling my Zen Underwater WA-100-Pen 100mm Dome Port, suitable for both the Olympus PT-EP01 and PT-EP03 housings, for $400. I have used it on two trips. It is in perfect condition with no scratches or blemishes. It comes with original packaging and accessories (two replacement O-rings and silicone lubricant). Manufacturer information can be found at http://zenunderwater.com/products.php?prodID=5 I am also selling the Olympus M.ZUIKO 9-18mm Micro four-thirds lens normally used with this port, and Olympus zoom gear for that lens. These and other items can be found at my Amazon storefront: http://www.amazon.com/shops/WKP Please PM me if interested. Bill Pottinger
  9. Update: I'm breaking up my rig to sell components individually. I am re-posting my Zen Underwater 100mm port in a new topic, and some parts have sold. Individual prices on remaining components can be found at my Amazon storefront: http://www.amazon.com/shops/WKP
  10. Complete Olympus E-PL1 underwater photography rig. Includes 14-42mm kit lens, 9-18mm wide angle lens, wet 67mm macro lens, underwater housing, 2 strobes, focus light, travel case and all accessories needed to take photographs on your next dive. Will sell complete setup, or rig without camera. Price is $3,200 ($2,900 without camera and lens). Rig has been on one liveaboard photography trip and one resort trip. No scratches, all is in perfect condition, and many pieces are still in manufacturer warranty period. Price is 30% lower than lowest current price for all the components listed below. All original packaging, warranty cards, manuals, etc. are included. This is a great rig, one-half the weight and mass and price of a comparably equipped D-SLR rig. This is extremely beneficial when making those multi-connection trips to the South Pacific, or even Hawaii. The case is not wheeled and considerably smaller than maximum carry-on size, and weighs 22 lbs in its case. Equipment list: - OLYMPUS E-PL1 Pen Camera, 12.3 Megapixel with M.ZUIKO 14-42mm kit lens - Olympus M.ZUIKO 9-18mm Lens - PT-EP01 Housing for E-PL1 - Zen 100mm Pen Dome Port - Olympus 9-18mm Zoom Gear - Olympus 14-42 Zoom Gear - Olympus OLPTMC01 PTMC-01 2X Macro Lens - Olympus Macro Lens Adapter - Optical Ocean 2 strobe arm set, 8"+6"+3" - Optical Ocean S-Tray (OOSTRAY-01) - Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Flash - Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Diffuser - Sea & Sea F/O Sync Cord L - Big Blue 1x5AF Focus Light Kit, including hotshoe ball mount and clamp - Underwater Leak Detector - Olympus SEMA-1 Mic Adapter - OLY BLS-1 Replacement Battery - Olympus OLVF2 VF-2 Electronic Viewfinder (Black) - Seahorse SE-720 yellow hard shell weatherproof case and padded Velcro configurable divider set, 19-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 7-1/2" (carry-on luggage OK) - ballast weight, 2 lb
  11. And when you've finished, read it again! Have a great Solomons trip.
  12. Here's Tim Priest's helpful reply to a related post of mine I hope others find interesting (I trust the moderators will alert me if there is a preferred way to cross-reference related posts): http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;#entry252395 Bill
  13. I'm planning on purchasing a focus light, and I'd like to feel confident I can control backscatter issues while using it. While hotspots can be avoided in most situations with small aperatures and fast shutter speeds, these techniques are ineffective against backscatter, aren't they? Particles are illuminated at any speed -- unless an "auto-off" focus light is employed. These are designed to shut off when they sense a strobe firing, eliminating hot spots and backscatter (unless the strobes themselves are improperly aimed). But a camera's normal sequence of operation is 1) shutter release is depressed; 2) shutter is opened; 3) strobe fires for a fraction of the time the shutter is opened; 4) focus light turns off when it senses the strobe. If I'm correct, the focus light is on at step 2 and is unavoidably a part of the image lighting unless the strobe can be pre-fired before the exposure sequence begins. Perhaps the solution is to turn on red-eye correction, which will pre-fire the strobe. That works for me but perhaps not for others using slave strobes triggered by the camera's strobe. Are there other solutions? Are my concerns well-founded?
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