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  1. thanks hearin ya ideas loud n clear! will try them! and do ya know how much a typical scuba set with stobes would cost? i mainly just snorkel in shallow reefs and weed beds! and iv also heard blocking your nose popping your ears will make it easier to dive!
  2. I sometimes snorkel when i get the chance and try to take some fishy underwater pics but the prob is most of the fish bolt away! should i try 1. looking for slow/brave fish, octopuses, pineapplefish, rays ect? 2. attracting the fish to me by baiting them over/ feeding them. 3.chasing them till they give me a good shot 4. stay near them so they get used to you. 5. finding curious fish. 6. any ideas??? i was filming an octopus near a sand patch in about 80cm of water when it took off and got a good film of me chasing it and it inking through the weed beds and eventually escaping.
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