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  1. Hi. I'm heading for the Red Sea in a months time and looking to house my 5D MK II, can't justify upgrading with a new aquatica housing in such short time as I already got a video rig. So the question is; Can i modify the Sea&Sea DX5D to fit 5D MK II? Any experiences? Cheers, Roy
  2. Thanks for the replies! Grayscale: Yeah, I've had a look at that option, but I'm not going to shoot exclusively with scooter. Mike L : The Gates housing w/ S21 is interesting, looks like it's a good balance between compact and quality. The light and motion lighting pack was quite expensive, does the price defend the performance?
  3. Hi. Currently using Ikelite housing with Canon HV30, 2x 50/100W halogen lights with nicad battery pack. I dive alot abroad and almost solely tech diving. I want to upgrade my videorig and I'm looking for some hints and tips. The major drawbacks on my current rig is the weight in water, the depth rating(only 60m, 100m or more is preferable), and the viewfinder solution, you flip the lcd on the videocam inside-out and there is a mirror that shows you what you're shooting. A housing solution where I can hold the rig under me or in front of me and still see the screen is preferable. I have access to DPV's so possibility for scooter mounting is a plus. I don't need a full-pro system, but I want better quality. Will shoot mostly tech dives, deep dives, and freediving. Any ideas where to start? Cheers
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