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  1. Dan, Your lack of response has me pulling my offer off the table.... I have no further interest in your strobes and arms! lee
  2. Dash

    For SALE

    How about that Inon z240...?
  3. Hey guys.... I currently have the following setup, Nikon D70 Aquatica housing Single Z240 type 2 and for wide's, a Tokina 10-17 I am looking for a second strobe to help with the wides... Type 2, 3, or 4...! I saw that a type 3 just sold but I had reservations regarding the 3 but at the moment I don't remember as to why I was shying away from it... Anyway, if someone here in the states has a 240 for sale or would like to give/sale it to a good home, please let me know...! lee
  4. I would be interested in your other Z240 strobe along with your arms and clamps... I would like to know your location, condition of items, cost associated with items and I am assuming your strobes are Type 2... lee
  5. Jean, Thank you so much for your help...! Latches are on there way and I could not be happier!!! Its been a pleasure doing business with you and Aquatica...! One happy customer, lee
  6. Thanks Poliwog... I will try and catch him tomorrow...! Thanks for the heads up jcclink... Its a good idea to go ahead and get a spare while I am at it... lee
  7. Hey folks, Been in the background for a while but could use a little help if you don't mind... Was going in the water today and discovered (much to my shagrin) that the latch on my housing had busted... Has anyone here had to deal with this situation and would know where to get a replacement latch or did you have to deal with the manufacture? Thanks, lee
  8. Looking for a quality housing at a reasonable price as I go deeper into the abyss! I am going poorer by the moment and people think skiing and golf are expensive!!! Would like a Ikelite or Aquatica housing and as long as I can get it repaired by the manufacture I should be fine... I would prefer some soul feeling sorry for me and turn me onto a good deal but I just never stumble across those and when I do it usually bites me hard... Located in North Carolina so if your close by please drop a line... Regards, lee
  9. Your second pic... a Slug?
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