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  1. Id use baby shampoo, polish one one layer, let dry add a second layer and polish it off when dry. it will give you about 10 mins on a split shot in water take some with you in a squeezy bottle. You need to dunk the dome port prior to use in water. Try to find shampoo with non SLS in it and perfume free so as not put create lather or smell to put off the critters. We tend to use Johnsons baby shampoo Lavender seems to work OK. Clear washing up liquid can work fine too. Dave
  2. Wanted in good condition Nikonos RS 18mm Lens by Rene Aumann. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Dave
  3. We use both the 200mm f4 ED and the 70 180mm macro underwater as prefered macro lenses. Mostly with out dioptre, but when needed its a Nikon 6T. A better solution is to use Nauticam SMC on the front which is a wet Dioptre but we have only used the SMC with a new version 105mm lens. Both of the Nikon lenses are excelent. We have also modified housings to use the Leica 100mm Apo-Macro f2.8 lens which is stellar. It has a very long focus throw so some sort of custom focus control is essential. Dave
  4. Yes it can. Id say it is not only a system to start shooting HD its the preferred system for shooting HD for a housing of its size, you will have to go a very long way and spend many time more on a system to yeild better results than this. Dave
  5. We use these housing's commercially for broadcast TV work. We have a number of them by choice and rely on them for professional results and reliability, we are not connected to Gates other than being a client. In our view it is by far the best mid size camera and housing option available today, image quality easily surpasses larger HD camera systems when used with the Nanoflash recorder and SWP44C port. We only use two ports the SWP44C and the macro port with diopters, though its rare if the macro port gets used. The SWP44C is essential, its a fantastic lens. I'd say either or any of the methods you suggest for focus and Id use either depending on the situation, but it really depends on shooting style. Its not really an issue seeing sharp focus when using the HD monitor. Using menus and assists is only possible on the HD monitor when recording to the internal SxS camera cards, as menus cannot be displayed on the HD monitor when using the optional nanoFlash recorder as it uses the HDSDI feed from the camera which shares the menu on off option with the HD component out, and would result in recording menus to the Nanoflash recorder. This is about the only issue we have with the system. Its easy to rig and support in the field and also manageable due to its size which is important when entering or leaving the water when most accidental damage occurs. We tend not to hang lights of it but run these separately via buddy diver though we have a few guys using the system who mount all sorts of external lighting off the housing, its has many attachment points and interfaces with third party and custom accessories easily. Let me know if you need more info. Dave
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