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  1. I "think" I know what you mean, Ill try and research it some more so that I dont end up with worthless options! I hope it works with your larger dome! And thank you for explaining since Im so knew to all this and the terms.
  2. Yall make me feel so much better, thank you Cary! I feel like Im at least heading in the right direction now. Was your 16-35 losing sharpness (soft) outside of water too or just in water? If just in the water then that will make me sad because I was looking forward to using it UW. Anyone used both the 16-35 and the 17-40 before? Opinions vs each other UW? I know in my normal photography my 16-35 blows the 17-40 out of the water (no pun intended), so Im pretty interested in the differences UW? Thanks!
  3. Well the ports for my macro and zoom are the least of the costs so Id probably get both no problem since I already have the glass!! I am assuming the Sea&Sea ports support the 16-35m L series? Ikelite doesnt, so that was a huge EKK for me! Im so glad you said that about Sea&Sea though, Ill restart my research tomorrow on them!! I know I seem impatient but Im just trying to get the UW gear together as fast as I can since I will be diving in the Red Sea in August, so I need as much time as I can to get used to the set up as possible (Im already pushing it)...even in my pond and the lake everyday if I have to!!!
  4. Thank you so much, that all is helpful and makes me feel better! I had read the first article but since Ikelite wasnt reviewed it didnt help me there, but the Sea&Sea stuff had. The 2nd link I hadnt seen and that was wonderful!! Tons of helpful information that I wasnt even to the stage of needing yet so Im glad to know ahead of time! Since my 16-35 is obsolete in the Ikelite housing would you suggest me purchasing the 17-40 f/4.0? Ive stayed away from 2.8+ f-stops with the glass I already have, but if its a lens commonly used in UW photography Id glady purchase it as well. I feel like Im missing a gap between my 15mm fisheye and my 100mm macro that probably needs to be addressed with a new wide angle for my full frame. From calling around and research it seems like the 5505.45 will cover my 100mm fully?? (I dont need to get separate pieces?). It seems like my fisheye will need a 5510.11 port and the 5510.45 dome. And if I get the 17-40 Ill need the 5510.24. If any of this sounds off to people with these correct me!! It was kinda gut wrenching talking to people about it and finding out ALL my L-series lenses are unusable with Ikelite ports, etc. minus the 100mm and a 17-40mm (which is the only one I dont own!!). Should I start looking at Sea&Sea, do they support a wider range of lenses, mainly can I use more of my L-series with their port system? I emailed them last week but still have not heard anything back, so that alone makes me shy away from the company! Also Im still at a total loss on the strobe issue. I called and got some recommendations, and most have said go for the DS161, getting the 3945.01 and 3945.02 combo. Is this overkill for someone just starting out or is that my best option? Im sure there is going to be a bit of a learning curve anyway, the research process before getting the equipment has been mind boggling enough!! And I guess I also need to get some Magic filters? This is something I saw mentioned once on here and then saw in the 2nd article so I guess its time to do more research into those! If anyone has an input on that let me know! Also if Im forgetting some component to all this please feel free to tell me even the most trivial things!!
  5. So you think Ikelite is the way to go?? Or at least reliable/good enough?? And pick up a 60mm macro?? Any advice on strobe set ups or manual vs auto ability ports?? Some ports I saw for the same lenses were either manual or autofocus, etc.? This is the area Im the most confused/lost in? What do the majority of people use UW (manual/auto)? And also when is a dome going to be more beneficial than a flat?? For wider shoots only?? The port body, extension, focus extension, dome, flat, etc. all have my head twirling at which one is right with what. And the filters people talk about here that I have no idea which are "must haves"?? From what Im understanding, flats work better for macro stuff and then use domes for my wide angles and fish eyes?? I also recall reading that the canon 16-35mm f/2.8 didnt fit into ikelite housing?? Boo, any recommendations on an equivalent range that yall find works?? Thank you SO much!!
  6. Ive been reading here for a few weeks now and I almost feel more overwhelmed with options/information than I did before coming here!! A lot of what I have read has helped a ton so thank you ahead of time. My question is a simple but complicated one. Ive read so many comparisons of housings my heads still spinning. A little back ground to help is that I have a Canon 5d Mark II with a wide variety of L-series lenses. So needless to say I should have started underwater photography awhile ago. With that gear what equipment would most of you recommend? I have been torn between Ikelite and Sea&Sea. Ikelite was a little helpful when I called to ask some questions but Sea&Sea worries me since its all via email. I had ordered a 1D mark IV but Ive decided Im going to cancel it and just get underwater equipment for the 5d (since housing is hard to find for the 1d mark iv and I lose full frame). Money isnt a huge barrier but I dont want to go bananas here, which is why Im asking for input. I had kind of decided on the Ikelite (a little worried about no moisture sensor though) but then got overwhelmed looking at ports, strobes, and what not. Ive gone though a lot of photos on here (which are amazing by the way!) and it seems most use a macro lens? Should I stick to just a port for my 100mm macro? If not what else is generally used or recommended? I guess Ill list the lenses I do have so that I can be told what I "need" to get. 100mm f/2.8 50mm f/1.2 15mm f/2.8 (fisheye) 24mm f/3.5 (tilt shift) 70-200mm f/2.8 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 24-70mm f/2.8 16-35mm f/2.8 (all L series but the fisheye, if that relevant??) I think I have one more but I cant recall right now! Sorry if this is a ton of information I just figured its better to include it all at the beginning and not have to scatter information around. Also, I am still newish to diving, but Im trying to gear up correctly and get a ton of dives in before August because Im heading to the Red Sea, so I dont want to miss out photography wise. I have someone willing to help me learn to dive with my equipment so thats why its sort of a pressing issue that Ive hit a wall about!! I just revamped some of my diving gear, so if thats relevant at all let me know and I can list it out, or if you have any recommendations on some other gear that makes the photography easier please let me know!! Again, I am sorry to ask!! I know there are threads on this and I promise I have gone through them, I just cant find the right combo of information for my "situation". Thanks again!! I guess long story short, what gear would best suit my camera/lenses that would be starter enough for a novice but advanced enough to use as I progress? (ie. I dont want to get something cheap just to replace it down the line, etc.). And ANY advice on which strobes and ports to pair with housing would be fabulous and much appreciated since this is the area Im most confused on!!!
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