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  1. Still looking for one of these strobes.
  2. I have purchased one strobe, and am now in need of just one Sea and Sea YS-110a.
  3. Still looking for 2, but will consider one.
  4. I am interested in buying a pair of S&S YS110a strobes, preferably version 1.1 (v1.1 located near the serial number). I will consider a single strobe, but would prefer to buy a pair at once. Thanks!
  5. Need advice. I am going to purchase one of these 2 rigs. I can buy a DX-1G (new) for $600 or a DX-2G (new) for $900. Is it worth it to pay the extra $300? I know the DX-1G is discontinued, but i don't care as long as I am not missing out on some tremendous features. Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have an old style Sea & Sea Sea Arm IV? I need just one to use with a dual strobe set. I would appreciate it if anyone has an old one lying around they wish to sell. A photo is attached so you can see what they look like. Thanks! Robert
  7. I know these strobes sell on this site periodically. I would be very grateful to purchase 1 or 2 if anyone has any to part with. I promise i will give them a good home!
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