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  1. ok, strange. i have sent couple of messages. maybe theres a lag.
  2. Hi, I would be interested in 2-3 individual items. Pls let me know if you are willing to sell stuff separately . Thnx.
  3. Thanks Thanks for the information.
  4. Excellent. Thanks a ton! Btw have you used this for any macro videos via the screen magnifier?
  5. hi, this looks interesting. am guessing you have bought the LCD magnifier + attachment rails (meant for other housings) and the added the DIY plastic bracket (white one)? How have you managed to fix the plastic bracket? thanks. apu.
  6. Thanks! Figured its difficult to get one here and just bought a new one.
  7. Hi Guys, Looking to buy Nauticam CMC-1. This seems to be one of the fastest selling things on the classifieds, but just taking chance! Cheers! Apurba
  8. Hi, is this still available? N will you be able to ship internationally to Mumbai, India ( Zip 400049)?
  9. Hi Guys, Am facing charging problems with my one of my Sola 1200s as well. Both of my solas have been lying unused for a while now (maybe more than 3 months). Since a liveaboard is coming up, took them out to charge and figured that one of the chargers is not able to charge. I have left it overnight plugged into one of the Solas and it generated quite a bit of heat but wasnt able to charge. The light on the charger itself is not coming on. The other charger seem to work. Although I must admit that the charging process was a bit weird with various lights coming on a various stages of charging. Normally, its the battery that creates problem when lying unused for a while seldom the charger. Any suggestions from anyone on this? Thanks. Apu
  10. Hi, I have an ikelite D70s housing. I would like $450 + shipping. I can throw in lottsa of spare stuff like O-rings, camera control buttons, lubricants etc. It doesn't include flat or dome ports or port bodies. Let me know if you need any of them. Cheers! Apu
  11. Hi Jeremy, Whats the serial no of the strobe? Cheers! Apu
  12. Hi Joe, What are the serial nos of the 2 DS 125s & roughly how many dives have they done? Cheers! Apu
  13. Hi, PM sent with queries. Cheers!
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