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  1. Hi, I would be interested in 2-3 individual items. Pls let me know if you are willing to sell stuff separately . Thnx.
  2. Thanks Thanks for the information.
  3. Excellent. Thanks a ton! Btw have you used this for any macro videos via the screen magnifier?
  4. hi, this looks interesting. am guessing you have bought the LCD magnifier + attachment rails (meant for other housings) and the added the DIY plastic bracket (white one)? How have you managed to fix the plastic bracket? thanks. apu.
  5. Thanks! Figured its difficult to get one here and just bought a new one.
  6. Hi Guys, Looking to buy Nauticam CMC-1. This seems to be one of the fastest selling things on the classifieds, but just taking chance! Cheers! Apurba
  7. Hi, is this still available? N will you be able to ship internationally to Mumbai, India ( Zip 400049)?
  8. Hi Guys, Am facing charging problems with my one of my Sola 1200s as well. Both of my solas have been lying unused for a while now (maybe more than 3 months). Since a liveaboard is coming up, took them out to charge and figured that one of the chargers is not able to charge. I have left it overnight plugged into one of the Solas and it generated quite a bit of heat but wasnt able to charge. The light on the charger itself is not coming on. The other charger seem to work. Although I must admit that the charging process was a bit weird with various lights coming on a various stages of charging. Normally, its the battery that creates problem when lying unused for a while seldom the charger. Any suggestions from anyone on this? Thanks. Apu
  9. Hi, I have an ikelite D70s housing. I would like $450 + shipping. I can throw in lottsa of spare stuff like O-rings, camera control buttons, lubricants etc. It doesn't include flat or dome ports or port bodies. Let me know if you need any of them. Cheers! Apu
  10. Hi Jeremy, Whats the serial no of the strobe? Cheers! Apu
  11. Hi Joe, What are the serial nos of the 2 DS 125s & roughly how many dives have they done? Cheers! Apu
  12. Hi, PM sent with queries. Cheers!
  13. PM sent. Want to know whats the price for the entire package. Apu
  14. Hi Steve, Are you willing to sell this set at USD 2000? Actually, after shipping & customs at my end it would end up being $3000 Also, I see from both your listings that they are just the housing, what about the strobes? Are you selling them separately? It has to be shipped to Mumbai, India (Zip - 400102) & I would be paying through paypal. Thanks. Apu PS. I presume the snaps that you have just added on your other post is for this set?
  15. Hullo, Is this the same set which you had listed in mid 2010? Also, can you tell me how much are you looking at for the entire package? What about your video lights? Are you selling them separately? Cheers! Apu
  16. Hi Scott, Let me know if you are willing to sell a single strobe with arm & charger + the dual chord? If yes let me know how much are you looking at. Cheers! Apu
  17. Hi Jona, Have sent you a mail on an ikelite d70 housing. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Apu
  18. Hi, Could you tell me the serial nos for both the strobes? Also, any reason for having 2 chargers? Cheers! Apu
  19. Hi, Will you consider selling the strobes & the dual sync chord separately? Cheers! Apu
  20. apurbasg


    Hi Matt, On which lens are you planning to use the +4 diopter? I use a +4 Hoya diopter for my 18-70mm Nikon lens in a 8" dome port. Its minimum focus distance is about 12". As Bart pointed out, with the 8" dome port more often than not it becomes a necessity to use a diopter as the virtual image falls within the min focus distance of this lens. I would suggest that first see if your minimum focal distance is short enough, say about 6" or less? If so, then avoid using a diopter as you will not be able focus at infinity any more. This hinders focusing ability at slighter longer distances a lot. Unless your main criteria is to increase the magnification its not worth the trade off. You can use this on a macro for greater mags, but personally I would prefer a TC instead. Cheers! Apu
  21. Hi Andy, I stayed & dived with libery dive resort / liberty wreck divers in Jul'10 for 10 days. Can't think of anything negative about them. Good deals on stay & diving. Nitrox was free. Very courteous & professional staff. Excellent dive guides. Two of them were specially helpful for macro photography. They really enjoyed locating & pointing out various shrimps, pygmy seahorses, frog fish, nudis et al. Also, see if you can include day dive trips to Ahmed (30-40mins drive), some excellent drift dives, a shallow wreck & one very good site for macro (Leipa) as well. Jan isnt the best time to dive there, but if I'm not mistaken apart from Nov/Dec, diving is pretty much all year round. Cheers! Apu
  22. Hi, am interested in the above but could not locate you on ebay. I have a few queries on the same. a) what was the year of purchase? b) reason for selling? c) reconfirming that you r not including the std ikelite arms & dual sync chord in the above. d) are you open to international shipping (Mumbai, India)? e) will you accept payment through paypal? You can mail me directly at apurbasg@gmail.com. Thanks. Apu
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