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  1. I have an Ikelite G12 Setup ready to dive just add strobe. I received the unit from a customer who cracked the back and flooded it, he sent the body to Ikelite and they refurbished the unit and replaced the back, the flooded camera was replaced by MACK camera warranty, (who would have thought they would have covered underwater floods). I have the receipts from the manufactures and neither has been dove since. The dome port has scratches on the dome, they don't appear to affect image quality, I tried to get pictures of the scratches and couldn't get them to show up. Also included is a strobe arm and misc Ikelite plugs, o-rings, lube etc. PM any further questions, or requests for images. Asking $500 obo
  2. I am selling a previously owned Ikelite DS161 #4061. It is in excellent condition, after its last use it was sent to Ikelite for inspection and possible service when a housing was being sent for service. The 161 checked out fine and needed no service, it hasn't been dove since. I do not know the exact age, I believe 4-5 yrs old. It was seldom dove, I bought it from the original owner and he said he dove it 3-4 times, I have never dove it. It appears to be in excellent condition. $750.00 free ground shipping to U.S. For others please contact prior to purchase. It is listed on eBay currently @ http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ikelite-DS161-Strobe-Sync-Cord-Charger-/201329968397? Email any questions. Check my feed back and bid with confidence. Free Ground Shipping in the continental U.S. For expedited shipping, insurance or International shipping contact prior to purchase and I will get a quote and bill you actual cost.
  3. I have an Ikelite DS-161 that I bought as a part of a G-12 setup. I have dove it once in fresh water, the original owner had less than 10 dives. It works well, the battery takes a full charge and the charger comes with it. I also have the sync cable. Message or email me and i will send images. Asking $850.00 plus actual shipping. I will sell separately or as a package a newly refurbished Ikelite g-12 housing, dome port, and camera. All is newly back from ikelite rebuilt housing and camera is a newly refurbished. Pictures and pricing will be posted in another listing. Thanks, Nick
  4. I have a like new 8" Ikelite Dome / Shade / Neoprene cover # 5510.45 $299 free shipping u.s. Ikelite port 5510.11 like new never been wet $89.95 free shipping u.s. Ikelite port 5510.16 like new in box never been wet $89.95 free shipping u.s. Ikelite port 5510.24 like new in box never been wet $99.95 free shipping u.s. I have them posted on ebay if you wish to see pics. PM or email any questions. Being such small ticket items I don't really wish to hassle with international shipping but you may convince me.
  5. I still have it. pm me if you are interested. nick
  6. I have for sale an Ikelite 8" dome in excellent condition, brand new shade and neoprene cover and the new super-wide port body compatible with 4-lock housings. Price complete: $450.00 plus actual shipping Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57592467@N00/5367076086/
  7. I have for sale 2 Ikelite DS-125 stobes and dual sync cable. Also UL dual tray w/ 2 handles 4 arms, 6 clamps Battery date on both is 12/07. SN on strobe 1 is 14452. SN on strobe 2 is tricky, it looks like either 1150 or 11500. The strobe has an ikelite MOD-NC sticker and upon calling Ikelite for clarification the rep stated that there was no way an 1150 could have been updated so I am fairly certain it is 11500. These came as a pair off a member using them on a d-200 housing and I am switching to a fiber-optic setup and not going to use them. The price complete is $1250.00 Stobes $475 ea. Sync cord $100.00 Charger $75.00 Tray arms and clamps $200.00 Additional photos of set-up: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57592467@N00/page2/
  8. Housing is sold the rest is still available. Reasonable offers being entertained.
  9. I am selling a very nice Ikelite Nikon D-200 housing, I recently sent it to Ikelite to have them do the upgrade from 2 Lock system to 4 Lock, where they essentially replace the entire front of the housing with a new model as I was told by an Ikelite rep. While at the factory I paid for them to do a complete service on the housing, testing it doing all necessary maintenance, it hasn't been wet since. I am asking $800.00 plus actual shipping from 28203 (Charlotte, NC). Nice setup, just changing bodies. Pictures are of the entire setup, this price is only for the housing. email with questions, don't have many sales here, but can give you ebay ID w/ 100% positive feedback for reference. For those interested in the entire setup see pictures of domes, focus rings, strobes etc. and inquire with questions. Price for entire setup $2800.00. I will either sell the entire setup, or just the housing, not separating any other items. Partial Listing of items. d-200 housing 2- DS-125 strobes w/ charger dual sync cable 60mm flat port 8" Dome Port with 3 extension ports all updated to 200' depth rating 105mm flat port Tray / arms Assortment of focus rings and extra o-rings NOTE: SOME OF THE PICTURES ARE OF THE HOUSING BEFORE I SENT IT TO IKELITE. DIRECT EMAIL @ NDROSS475@GMAIL.COM MAY BE THE QUICKEST COMMUNICATION. For Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57592467@N00/
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