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  1. I thought I had replied earlier Bill but it's not here. Thanks for the quick reply, the smart money is on buying the lead Cheers P
  2. Hi, I have a Nikon D70 in an Ike housing and have just got hold of a Sea&Sea YS90 Duo (not auto). It came with a Sea&Sea-Sea&Sea lead. I can get hold of the connector for the Ike and, so would it be best to swap connectors or buy a new lead and eBay/swap the old one? Also, while (it seems) TTL is not the holy grail, will I get TTL with this combination? Perhaps a bit of history, I've used a DS51 that I've borrowed in the past, I have a DS200 but am due to travel soon and am watching weight, so was going to take only the lighter strobe. In the future I will try slaving the S&S optically to the DS200. The DS51 is borrowable again for this trip, but I'm trying to build my own kit up. If the YS90 is not going to work, then I've not invested too much going down that route. Interest so far has been macro using a 105mmVr and 60mm, however for this upcoming trip I was going to try branchinq out to a bit of W/A. Cheers P
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, I think that I'm leaning to macro, especially as I'm UK-based. I have a 60mm on the way and am going to have a serious look at a 105 this weekend as I can't keep on borrowing my friend's. However, we have a Red Sea trip booked later in the year so I guess there will be WA opportunities there. I have a macro strobe question, that may be better off in the Macro section, but I think that it's a beginner's question really. Is there such a thing as too much power? If I use TTL or manual and crank the strobe down, will a more powerful strobe work for macro. It's clear, I think that a DS51 won't cut it for WA should I ever go that way, so should I hedge my bets and go for a 160 as a 1st strobe and maybe follow up with a 51 later. To put it in perspective, I don't have unlimited money, but do have a fixed amount to spend at the moment due to the sale of a RB. Cheers P
  4. I'd also be interested in a strobe,spare battery and charger. r Paul
  5. Where I am now: D70, Ike housing, 105mm port, 18-70 standard lens and 6" dome port. I borrowed a 105mm macro lens for holiday and hence bought the port and I've also used the same borrowed Nikon micro lens in the UK with some success so think that I'll get my own. I'm looking at strobes -probably Ike and will probably go for a single DS51 or DS125 (160?) to start then add another at some point in the future. Perceived wisdom is that 60mm macro is more appropriate for the vis in this country, so... Do I go for a 60mm and port or a 10-20ish WA and port? Obviously it's difficult to answer without knowing what type of UW photography I like, which is probably why I'm having trouble, because I'd like to be able to take all sorts - well. So there we go, not too much to ask
  6. Hi Karl, I'm also interested and wonder if you'd ship to the UK. Appreciate I'm way down the list, but I can't seem to PM you either. It may be because I am new here, could you PM me if they are not sold and I'll try to reply. Best Paul Harris
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