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  1. Hello all, Last year we did our first Philippine trip and it was life changing. We feel it is time to step up to a liveaboard. With 4 in our group we have a basic game plan; Very good Macro Very good big animal Warm water good food camera friendly 10days (or) 7 days with 3 at land based resort For big and small it looks like Philippines (central/south), Palau or Fiji. Can you pass on any knowledge to aid our quest? Boats areas past history Thanks in advance, Erik
  2. Does anyone have any first hand experience with the Atlantis Azores live aboard? Looking at a 10 or 12 next year.
  3. After reading the info on the Mini LED it looks like the "shut off" function is based on preflash only. I would take this to mean that if your system does not preflash then your light is shutting off when your stobe light reaches your focus light. That would be roughly the same time it reaches your camera's sensor. Have you tried the light with and without the shut off setting? I wonder if there is any difference? Or does your system preflash?
  4. Thanks for the replies. At the moment we have PS Elements 5.0. From what I've read it seems that we gain alot of cataloging with Lightroom but lose layers. Does Lightroom allow for color cast adjustments (fixing white balance) and RAW format downloading/editing? WIll Lightroom interact with PS 5.0? Thanks again, E
  5. I'm new to dslr underwater shooting. I have zero experience until I get my new Aquatica AD90 wet. I have no answers but a question to add to the mix. The properties of salt and fresh water are dramatic on the displacement of, say, a body but what about camera housings? Can you prep your rig(s) in a pool and have them bouyant/neutral in the ocean?
  6. I'm sure this has been brought up before but here goes. What editing software do you all use? I will be shooting RAW with my D90 and using windows/PC. Thanks in advance, E
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