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  1. Yes, the stories continue. I have had all of these issues. The first one it was the front factory seal that leaked and the strobe exploded underwater. Just a pop and it looked just like that picture in this tread. Sea and Sea gave me a new one. My second strobe leaked but no explosion. It was out of warrantee but I only ended up paying 1/2 for a new one. The third one did exactly what was explained in this tread with the bulb breaking for the same reason. It occured during the change over back to the Japan manufacturer. There was a long wait. Sea and Sea replaced a panel that would be capable of handling the extra heat and no more problems. Also a new bulb was installed. It may be years before Sea and Sea can fully recuperate from these manufacturer errors. It is hard to forget an expensive vacation going down the tubes because of faulty equipment. I now ALWAYS travel with 3 strobes and was covered in all 3 incidents. Backscatter saw me through it all - even came to my rescue before I carried 3 strobes, and personally delivered a new strobe to me when mine blew up two days before my departure of a trip. It is best to work with your "camera dealer". Anything that you experience with the strobe they have already had many go through their shop. There is a running record of the same type of issues with these YS D2's. Now that they are back in Japan, the incident rate has improved so don't give up on them. Future purchases should be checked - make sure they are YS D2J - also YELLOW only. Since I now have 4 YS D2's I am sticking with them for awhile - however, the new Retras sure look pretty to me these days!!!

  2. Wheeled carry ons send out a message of "I am heavy" and Pelican boxes, large or small, almost have flashing lights on them "I am expensive what ever I am". Purchase "average" luggage that is well made and padded (Think Tank Logistics Manager 30 for baggage) and your chances of being notice will drop. Act like your 25 lb carry on backpack weighs 15 lbs and your "personal", 2nd carry on bag, weighs nothing. The vest is a good thing that helps balance everything out. I have tried them but decided it wasn't for me. When asked to store my carry ons else where I ask for a refund on the ticket. Their policies do state - "one bag under the seat and one bag in the overhead". Try hard to be an earlier boarder to avoid lack of overhead space and not be one of the last boarding - sort of a no brainer on that tip. Carry on super fragile equipment, camera, camera housing, all lenses, external hard drives, computer, dive computers, ALL batteries. Everyone has their personal tricks.

  3. Being honest will pay off and one will not get stuck. Find out what each airline's policies are and do just that. Be ready to pay extra and be ready to limit your carry on or find another airline. There is so much going on @ those TSA lines or flight check ins , dealing with excessive weight should not be one of the issues an agent has to deal with. I see it all of the time and it takes up everyone's time. Remember you are not the first one these agents have had to deal with and you won't be the last. Just do the right thing so everyone can make their flight.

  4. Matt215 - bversteegh report was right on. If you haven't done any small critter, diving Lembeh probably should be put on the back burner for awhile until your macro skills are touched upon. Komoto has big and little things. Sharks and mantas, nudis and shrimp. Water is clear. Current can be an issue but that is why you get the big things there. Current/drift diving is a great way to see lots of stuff with little effort. The Mermaid 2 was a nice boat and one single cabin. Great crew, food, and diving. The cabins where roomy, clean, and comfortable with hot water showers. 4-5 dives a day. A visit to see the dragons. Water can be cooler. I had a 7 mm for about 1/2 the dives. Others were in shorts and a rash guide. Water was @ times 72 degs. I spent a few days in Amed before the trip. Nice area - away from the busy Tulemben area. Great shore diving. I stayed @ the Baliku. For the most part, the rooms were fine - in need of a facelift which is being done. BIG rooms with a great view. BEST food around. Donna, the owner is a founding member of the area. Great stories. GREAT GREAT FOOD!! Dive shop is right below the hotel and some dive spots are right across the street. No complaints from the dive guides. Enjoy your trip and allow time to take in the wonderful people in Bali. I have info on tours if you might be interested.

  5. I've always chased big animals, but I'm looking to branch out and visit Indonesia. So I have a few questions...


    When is the best time of year to go?


    I want to hit raja ampat and Komodo (for the dragons). Is this possible in one trip.


    I understand there are mantas. Where can they be found?


    As far as little stuff goes, I want to find mandarin fish, Nemo fish, and those kelp dragon looking things. Cuttlefish would be nice too. Are these everywhere or just in certain locations?


    What liveaboards can you recommend?



  6. Hey all,


    It's State Farm insurance. You can ask for personal article insurance program. State Farm will ask you to bring all the camera equipment to be covered to their office, including the original invoices. They will take photos and if I'm not mistaken take notes of the serial number (if available).


    Hope this helps.



    Yes, I have received this same type of advise from a few other people. I was also told by one insurance company that one claim may effect the rest of my homeowners insurance policy. I won't be doing business with them. Hard to imagine, I am still working on my claim.

  7. Interesting. When I lived in the US, I had my camera equipment about $11k in value, and the insurance cost per year was only less than $150. It covered all liabilities, damages, stolen, etc. And it is one of the most reputable insurance company.



    Yes, can you please give us the name of your insurance company? Thanks.

  8. A tip is just that, "A pay on top of a wage for good service." Yes, Westerners are known to be tippers. On a dive boat the staff take care of our safety and well being. I have been on fantastic live a boards and horrible live a boards. I have seen boat crews totally trash a wet camera when it could have been saved if it was handled properly. I have seen no dive masters on dives. I have seen the only two people on nitrox the first ones out on a dive and no one going in to pull the inexperienced divers from the dive. I have also seen custom meals for people with dietary needs. I have seen malfunctioning equipment being repaired. There is more than good service associated with a tip on a live a board. It is our lives they are dealing with every day. It is also our responsibility, as divers from the Western world, to respect them as workers and the local culture. That is just as important as a tip. I do agree, we as Westerners, find it difficult to understand that a big tip for good service isn't always the right thing.

  9. I enjoyed all of your stories and great info. I flew Singapore AL SFO/SIN. I had a pelican case that I have been using for 4 years. It is, I think, the 1020, the small one with wheels and is smaller than many other hand carry bags. I was asked to unload the case and switch it with my clothes bag and to use my clothes bag as my carry on. They would NOT allow me to carry the pelican case on. I also had a 50 lb dive gear bag. I was able to make the switch but that left me with my expensive camera gear in a soft duffel bag that had no shoulder strap. I guarded it the entire trip. The pelican case weighed 23 lbs full which was over the 15 lbs allowed but the bag after switching everything was still over the 15 lbs. I have found other AL I will be using from now on that are no problem. Many will allow you to carry it on if they know it is camera equipment.

  10. Which insurance company?



    I am hoping it is just a lack of computer skills and I slipped through the cracks so I don't want to trash any one right now. Any ideas on how to get one respond to my questions? Thanks.

  11. I have been working with an insurance company for a claim on my damaged equipment. On other boards I have noticed I am not alone. What can I do to get them to respond to my request? The insurance costs me MORE than my house insurance but I am unable to contact anyone regarding the claim.

  12. Great info. I had two prescription masks. @ the time I bought one I was told by another diver that used the same mask to "Have two. If you drop one a certain way it will shatter into a billion pieces". Hence, two masks and a lot of money. It came true and the other clients on the dive boat were not happy with the end result. I was getting annoyed @ the up and down movement I always had to do to see out of the mask - bifocals. A DM I have known for years mentioned "contacts". I never had any luck being fitted but things have changed a great deal in that field so I asked my eye doctor about some. One for distance and one for close up. He asked me to extend my arm and pretend I was shooting a gun. He was able to establish right away which eye should have which lens. I can't tell you what a great decision that was - it has made an enormous difference. I can see out of the view finder and I can also see in the distance. Yes, I have heard they are not for everyone. Good luck and Happy Diving.

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